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5 Responses to Read This First

  1. Kay Fillmore says:

    Hi,Ive just come across your excellent blog whilst researching my Fillmore family tree.My Great Great Great Grandfather was Richard Fillmore,and his son William(my Great Great Grandfather) was a brother to George Fillmore who was married to Mary Beadle.Im not sure what relation I am to you and Im not sure if you are from England or America.I am an Englsh descendent. many Thanks for posting the blog,its really interesting and informative, Kay Fillmore (Worcs UK)

    • Thanks for your kind words about my blog, Kay! Our common ancestors would be Richard Fillmore and Frances “Fanny” Constable who are my 4th great grandparents. William is my 3rd great grand uncle. I’m not sure what relation that makes us either 🙂 I live in the province of Ontario in Canada. Nice to “meet” you, cousin!

  2. Kay Fillmore says:

    ,Thankyou so much for replying to my message..I am the daughter of William Michael Fillmore born in Kent 1929-1988.His father was George Henry Fillmore born 1888 in Oxford,he died in 1970 when I was five .His family was blighted with early deaths,as his brother William James Fillmore was killed in WW1 in Belgium,his other brother Bertram died aged 13 of appendicitis,and his other brother Frank Reginald died in the English channel when his Bristol fighter plane had engine trouble on the way to Kent from France in 1919′ father was Henry James Fillmore born in 1851 and died in 1902 of liver failure.I think that this may have been through alcohol as he was a pub licencee in Oxford.Henry James took some part in the Boer war when he was in the army years earlier.Henry,s father was William Fillmore 1806-1885.He was born in Merton Surrey.He had a brother called George Fillmore whose son was Francis who emigrated to America in 1870r.William and George,s father was Richard Fillmore who married Frances Constable.Richard was born in Merton ,Surrey as was his father William,his father Richard,and his father William born 1680.Merton used to be a small community of a rural nature but is now incorporated into London and is nextdoor to Wimbledon.I am going to London in September to the parish churchyard to see if I can locate any ancestors graves there.It is such a surprise to find I have relatives in Canada and America as I had no idea that Francis and Emma emigrated from England,until recently.They must have been brave to start a new life back then…..I have been trying to find out a connection to Millard Fillmore,s ancestors for some time,but there is insufficient evidence to show what relation John Fillmore is to my Fillmore ancestors from the South of England.John was the mariner who left England and settled in America in the early 1700,s.There are lots of articles about him on Ancestry,but Im sure you already knew about him………I think you are descended from Mary Ann Fillmore,which of her children is your direct ancestor?I love the photograph of her and her husband on your blog,Ive been looking to see if she has then fillmore nose and ears which seem to be a feature in some of my ancestors !!….If there is anything else I can help with regarding information on the English Fillmores that I may have,let me know….I think we may be 4th cousins once removed at a guess and today a lady from California has contacetd me back and we are also 4th cousins once removed,she is descended from Richard and Fannys son George and his son Francis who was the one who emigrated in 1870….Thanks again for the reply,Best Wishes,Kay

    • Thanks for the info about your ancestors!! I added the info to my tree on Ancestry and Ancestry confirms that we are 4th cousins 1X removed. Mary Ann Fillmore married Joseph Finch. My direct ancestor is their daughter, Fannie Sarah Finch, who is my great grandmother. Fannie married William St. Thomas Evison and they had two daughters: Dorothea Gertrude and Ethel Annie Evison. Ethel is my grandmother. I’ve written detailed blogs about these ancestors if you want to use the search function to find them.

  3. Kay Fillmore says:

    Thanks for your imformation,ive added it to my tree but I dont know what your name is as I only have you as bobby007…I will look on ypur blog for your grandmother,thanks again for getting in touch,very best wishes,Kay

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