The Begats of Amos and Lydia Evison Metcalf

Amos and Lydia Evison Metcalf had 5 children born between 1882 and 1896 in Seneca Township, Lenawee County, Michigan (USA).

LenaweeWith the exception of Ora who died when he was an infant, it’s likely that all of the children stayed at home until they married.  In 1884, Amos and Lydia and their first-born child were living in Seneca Township.   The 1890 Census was destroyed in a fire but probably the family was still in Seneca Township because, on 5 Jun 1900, they are residing together on a farm there.   By 1910, the two oldest children had married — but Amos, Lydia and their two youngest daughters were enumerated living together, still in Seneca township.  Amos continued to farm and his daughters were attending school.

Omer Ernest Metcalf

Marriage - Omer Metcalf and Lena CarpenterOmer is the oldest child of Amos and Lydia and he was born on 23 Sep 1882 in Seneca Township. Omer was also known as “Ernest Omer Metcalf”.

On 20 Nov 1907, 25-year-old Omer married 28-year-old Lena Carpenter.  Lena, the daughter of Eugene Carpenter and Harriet Smith, was born in Ohio in about 1879.

In 1910, Omer and Lena were living and farming in Fairfield Township in Lenawee County, Michigan.

1910 Census - Omer and Lena Metcalf

On 12 Sep 1918, Omer registered for the WWI draft in Adrian, Lenawee County, Michigan.  He was described as medium height and build, with blue eyes and light brown hair.  Note that he signed his Registration Card as “Ernest Omer Metcalf”.

WWI Draft Card - Omer Ernest Metcalf

In 1920, Omer and Lena were living on a farm that they owned in Seneca Township.  Living next door were Omer’s parents and just down the road were Omer’s sisters.  In 1930, Omer and Lena are still living and farming in Seneca Township but were no longer living close to family.

1920 Census - The Metcalfs and the Swicks   1930 Census - Omer and Lena Metcalf

By 1940, Omer and Lena were back living next to his sisters and their husbands and their widowed mother, Lydia.

1940 Census - The Metcalfs and the Swicks

imagesCA8L2R2IOn 27 Apr 1942, the Selective Service conducted what became known as the “Old Man’s Draft”.

Unlike other drafts, this one targeted men born between 27 Apr 1877 and 16 Feb 1890 (ages 45-64).  It was not intended that these men be drafted into military service but to determine if their labor skills could be used in the war effort.

Omer was 59 years old in 1942 and therefore had to register .  This time he was described as 5 ft. 8 inches tall and 154 lbs. with blue eyes, brown hair and a light complexion.  He was earning a living as a farmer and lived at R R. #2, Morenci, Lenawee County, Michigan.

Omer died on 14 Dec 1950 in Seneca Township and is buried  in Oak Grove Cemetery in Morenci — the same cemetery as his parents.

Lena passed away on 11 Oct 1961 in a long-term care facility in Fulton County, Ohio.  She is buried in Lyons Cemetery in Fulton County.

Death - Omer E MetcalfDeath - Lena Metcalf

I don’t believe that Omer and Lena had any children — or at least I couldn’t find any documentation that they did.

Myrtle O. Metcalf

Amos and Lydia’s second child, a daughter they named Myrtle, was born on 12 Jul 1885 in Seneca Township, Lenawee County, Michigan.

She married Fred Jay Nichols on 27 May 1903 in Adrian, Lenawee County, Michigan.  Fred, the son of N.W. Nichols and Alice Clement, was born in Michigan on 18 Jul 1878.

thinking-idea-animated-animation-smiley-emoticon-000339-facebookThe entry for their marriage (see below) says that she was 18 when she married.  However,  as noted, she was born on 12 Jul 1885.

Birth - Myrtle Metcalf

From my calculations, she would have been only 17 on 27 May 1903.  She didn’t turn 18 until 12 Jul 1903!!

Marriage - Fred Nichols and Myrtle Metcalf

Marriage – Fred Nichols and Myrtle Metcalf

According to Act 128 (Section 3) passed in 1867 in Michigan, it says:

A person who is 18 years of age or older may contract marriage. A person who is 16 years of age but is less than 18 years of age may contract marriage with the written consent of 1 of the parents of the person or the person’s legal guardian, as provided in this section.

So, according to this law, Myrtle would have needed written permission of one of her parents to marry Fred.  It appears, however, that she lied about her age?

bebe15Myrtle and Fred’s only child, Henry Amos Nichols, was born in March of 1905 – either on the 5th of March or on the 4th of March 😉

In 1910, the family was living in Seneca Township, Lenawee County, Michigan, where Fred earned his living as a farmer.  By 2 Jan 1920, they had moved to Adrian City in Lenawee County and both Fred and 14-year-old Henry were working as carpenters in a factory.  When enumerated for the 1930 Census in April of 1930, Fred was now a proprietor of a pool room and he and Myrtle had moved again — to Jackson City, Jackson County, Michigan.

1910 Census - Fred, Myrtle and Henry Nichols1920 Census - Fred, Myrtle and Henry Nichols1930 Census - Fred, Myrtle and Henry Nichols

On 10 Mar 1938, Myrtle died at age 52 of diabetes in Jackson City but was buried with her parents in Oak Grove Cemetery (Sutton 44SC) in Morenci, Lenawee County, Michigan.

Death and Burial - Myrtle O Metcalf Nichols

Fred remained in Jackson City after Myrtle died.  He was living there in April of 1940 and was still running a pool hall.

1940 Census - Fred Nichols

Fred died on 19 Nov 1957 and is buried in Mount Evergreen Cemetery in Jackson City.  As Fred was a veteran of the Spanish-American War, his granddaughter, Leah Hammond, applied for a veteran’s headstone.  On the application, his year of birth was wrongly given as 1875 (should have been 1878) and therefore the incorrect year of birth is engraved on his headstone.

Headstone Application for Military Veteran - Fred J Nichols

Headstone - Fred Jay NicholsBelow is a family tree of the descendants of Myrtle Metcalf and Fred Jay Nichols.  I’m still researching this branch of the Evison family tree, so this chart may or may not be accurate!  When I’m finished with the research, I’ll be adding a detailed blog.

Edited to add on 14 Aug 2014:

The Descendants of Henry Amos Nichols and Gertrude Panzenhagen

Begats of Myrtle Metcalf and Fred Nichols

Click for larger version

Ora A. Metcalf

Death - Ora MetcalfAmos and Lydia’s third child, a son named Ora, was born in about July of 1890.

Sadly, when he was only 1 year and 3 months old, he died of epilepsy on 13 Oct 1891 in Seneca Township, Michigan.

Nellie L. and Bertha M. Metcalf

Amos and Lydia’s youngest children, daughters named Nellie and Bertha, were born in about Jan 1894 and on 23 Feb 1896 respectively.

On 1 Aug 1914 in Adrian, Lenawee County, Michigan, Nellie and Bertha married the Swick brothers who are twins.

Marriage - The Metcalfs and the SwicksNellie married Clyde Josiah Swick and Bertha married Clyde’s twin, Claude Harrison Swick.  Bertha was only 17 years old when she married.  So, Bertha would have needed written permission of one of her parents to marry.

Clyde and Claude are the sons of George Washington Swick and Ida Emma Dickens and they were born on 1 Aug 1914 in Fairfield Township, Lenawee County, Michigan.

Birth - Clyde and Claude Swick

US Army Draft GraphicClyde and Claude registered in Seneca Township on 5 Jun 1917 for the WWI draft.  They listed their occupation as “farmer”.

Clyde was described as medium height and build, with gray eyes, light hair (not bald LOL!).  And Claude as short height and medium build with dark blue eyes and light brown hair (not bald).

Hmmm–do the different descriptions mean that the Swick brothers were not identical twins?

In January of 1920, the Swicks were living together on a farm in Seneca Township.  Nellie and Bertha’s parents and their brother, Omer, lived closeby.  Below is a map from 1921 showing the location of the Swick/Metcalf farms.

Map - Amos and Omer Metcalf and the Swicks 19211920 Census - The Metcalfs and the Swicks1930 Census - The Metcalfs and the Swicks

By April of 1930, the Swicks had moved in with Amos and Lydia Metcalf, Nellie and Bertha’s parents.  And the twins had switched occupations — from being farmers to working as section labourers for a steam railway.

1940 Census - The Metcalfs and the SwicksIn 1940, Clyde, Bertha, Claude and Nellie Swick were still living together with Lydia Metcalf.  The Swick brothers were still working for the railway.

Like their brother-in-law, Omer Metcalf,  Clyde and Claude Swick had to register for the “Old Man Draft” in April of 1942.

Again, the twins were described differently — Claude as 5’5″ tall 150 lbs, with a light complexion and blue eyes and brown hair, and Clyde as  5’4″ tall 140 lbs with a dark complexion and blue eyes and brown hair.

WWII Draft Card - Claude SwickWWII Draft Card - Clyde Swick

Secondary proof that the Swick brothers were probably not identical twins!?

Wabash_RR_herald_1938Both were still employed by the  Wabash Railway.  Clyde wrote on his Registration Card that he was responsible for “Section No. 19”.

Claude died on 24 Feb 1958, Nellie in 1969, Clyde on 18 Nov 1981 and Bertha on 7 Dec 1992.

All are buried in Oak Grove Cemetery in Morenci, Michigan.

Death and Burial - The Swicks

Again, I found no evidence/documentation that Nellie and Clyde nor Bertha and Claude had any children.

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