Lydia M. Evison and Amos Daniel Metcalf

Lydia M. Evison is the daughter of Francis Evison and Lydia Cooper and the sister of Francis C. Evison.  She was born on 11 Nov 1862 in Monroe County, Michigan (USA).

I haven’t been able to determine exactly when, but Lydia’s mother died sometime before 28 May 1870.  That’s the day that her father married for the second time, to Ann Williams.  Therefore, Lydia would have been very young when her mother died.

Norman Rockwell - Census Taker

Norman Rockwell –
Census Taker

In July of 1870, 7-year-old Lydia was enumerated living with her father, her step-mother and her brother in Sylvania Township, Lucas County, Ohio.

By 19 Jun 1880 (the date that the 1880 Census was taken), the family moved to Seneca, Lenawee County, Michigan.

Sylvania (Ohio) and Seneca (Michigan) are only about 25 miles apart — both near the Ohio-Michigan border.  In fact, before the Toledo War, Sylvania was in Michigan!  It’s a long story, but in June of 1836, Michigan ceded part of the southern part of the state (including Sylvania and Toledo) to Ohio in exchange for statehood.

On 30 Sep 1880 in Weston, Lenawee County, Michigan, Lydia married Amos Daniel Metcalf.  Amos is the son of Amos Metcalf and Rebecca Lehr.  He was born on 15 Sep 1855 in Seneca, Lenawee County, Michigan.

Amos was 25 years old when he married 17-year-old Lydia.  According to Act 128 (Section 3) passed in 1867 in Michigan, it states in part that:

A person who is 18 years of age or older may contract marriage. A person who is 16 years of age but is less than 18 years of age may contract marriage with the written consent of 1 of the parents of the person or the person’s legal guardian, as provided in this section.

So, according to this law, Lydia would have needed written permission of one of her parents to marry Amos.

Marriage - Amos Metcalf and Lydia Evison

Marriage – Amos Metcalf and Lydia Evison

Two years after they married, Amos and Lydia’s first child was born on 23 Sep 1882– a son they named Omer Ernest Metcalf (he was also known as Ernest Omer Metcalf).

In June of 1884, the family was enumerated living next door to Amos’s parents in Seneca Township, Lenawee Township, Michigan.

1884 Michigan Census - Amos and Lydia Metcalf and Family

Death - Ora Metcalf

Death – Ora Metcalf

On 12 Jul 1885, Lydia and Amos’s daughter, Myrtle O., was born in Seneca and their third child, a son named Ora, arrived in Jul of 1890.

Tragically, Ora died of epilepsy on 13 Oct 1891 in Seneca.

Two more daughters followed– one in January of 1894 named Nellie L. and Bertha M. on 23 Feb 1896.

A big problem with researching your American family tree is that, in 1921, most of the 1890 Federal Census was burned in a fire.

1890 US Census Records - destroyed by fire

It was estimated that 25% of the census documents were destroyed and 50% of the remaining were damaged by water, smoke and fire.  So the next available U.S. Federal Census after the 1884 Michigan Census is the one in 1900.

In 1900, Lydia and Amos were still living in Seneca Township and remained there through to the 1930s.  Amos earned his living as a farmer.

1900 Census - Amos and Lydia Metcalf and Family  1910 Census - Amos and Lydia Metcalf and Family   1920 Census - The Metcalfs and the Swicks  1930 Census - The Metcalfs and the Swicks

Below is a map from 1921 showing the location of the farms of Amos D (A D) Metcalf and his son, Omer — as well as the farm where his daughters, Nellie and Bertha Metcalf Swick,  lived.  Using the 2014 names of the roads, I think that the farms were located on W. Yankee Rd, just to the west of Canburn Hwy, in Seneca Township.

Map - Amos and Omer Metcalf and the Swicks 1921

Click for larger version of the map

When he was 79 years old, Amos died on 21 Oct 1934 in Seneca Township of old age.  He is buried in Oak Grove Cemetery in Morenci, Lenawee County, Michigan.

Death and Burial - Amos Metcalf

Sexton’s Record – Amos Metcalf

After Amos died, it appears that Lydia went to live with her daughters, Nellie and Bertha.  Lydia was enumerated living with them in 1940.  One of the questions asked in the 1940 Census was what was the highest grade that a person completed; Lydia indicated that the highest grade that she completed was Grade 8.

1940 Census - Lydia Metcalf

1940 Census – Lydia Metcalf

Lydia died on 28 Dec 1941 in Seneca and was buried with Amos in Oak Grove Cemetery.

Obituary - Lydia Evison Metcalf

Death and Burial - Lydia Metcalf

Sexton’s Record – Lydia Evison Metcalf

Map - Oak Grove Cemetery in Morenci

Map of Oak Grove Cemetery in Morenci, Michigan
Amos and Lydia Evison Metcalf are buried in the Sutton Addition (Grave #44)

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  1. JSD says:

    Very well written. Your attention to detail is amazing! 🙂

    • Thanks!! I’m trying to find as much information that I can that’s available now (mostly on the internet) to pass along to future generations. Hopefully, I’ve provided a “foundation” for the descendants to discover more about their ancestors 🙂

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