Cecil Edward Evison, a Complicated Life

Below is a simple graphic to illustrate the complicated life of Cecil Edward Evison, the first-born son of Francis C. Evison and Laura Melissa Stevens.

Chart - Cecil Edward Evison

Cecil was born on 26 Nov 1902 in Toledo, Lucas County, Ohio (USA).

Birth - Cecil Edward Evison

In 1910, he was living in Chesterfield Township, Fulton County, Ohio, with his parents, his younger brother, Harry, and his widowed maternal grandmother, Kezia Stevens.

1910 Census - Cecil Evison

By January of 1920, the Evisons had moved to Adams Township, Lucas County, Ohio.  17-year-old Cecil was still living with his parents and his brother – but this time it is his widowed paternal grandfather, Francis Evison, that is living with them.  Cecil was employed as a truck driver for a cement block company.

1920 Census - Cecil Evison

scratch-head03-idea-animated-animation-smiley-emoticon-000416-largeNow things begin to get complicated, both in Cecil’s life and in telling the story about Cecil’s life — which has more twists and turns than an amusement park roller coaster!!  I’m not at all certain that I found all the facts or  that all the facts I found are stated correctly.  It’s so complicated!

Cecil and Flora “June” Whitlock

On 14 Apr 1923, 21-year-old Cecil married June Whitlock in Monroe, Monroe County, Michigan.  June listed her age as 18 and her parent’s names as John and Georgia and her birthplace as Kansas.

Marriage - Cecil Evison and June Whitlock

I could not find any information for a June Whitlock born in Kansas in about 1905 to a John and Georgia Whitlock.

Death - Flora June GroahThe only document that matches most of the information was a death certificate for a Flora June Groah.

Flora June’s parents are George L Whitlock and Georgia Heyn.  Flora June was born in Topeko, Kansas, on 1 Jun 1905.

If this is the June Whitlock that Cecil married (and I’m 99% sure it is!), then she was only 17 years old when she married Cecil.

In Michigan, the written consent of a parent or legal guardian is required to marry if you are sixteen and under eighteen years of age.  June was about 6 weeks shy of her 18th birthday when she married Cecil!

So it appears that June lied and told the Justice of the Peace that she was 18 and that her father’s name was John.  So I would guess that June likely did not have permission of her parents to marry — therefore making her marriage to Cecil illegal!?

That would explain why Cecil’s marital status in the 1930 Census was “single”.

1930 Census - Cecil Evison

And why, on 9 Oct 1925 when June married Arthur Clarence Groah,  she swore that she was “not a widow or a divorced woman” and that she “had no legal husband living”.  But June may have lied about her age again!  She said that she was 21 years old on 1 Jun 1925, making her year of birth 1904 instead of 1905?

Marriage - Arthur Groah and Flora June Whitlock

Sadly, about eight months after she married Arthur Groah, June died on 12 Jun 1926 of post partum eclampsia and a probable cerebral haemorrhage.  She is buried in Woodlawn Cemetery in Toledo.

Cecil Evison and Lettia Mierka

Marriage - Cecil Evison and Lettia HagerOn 5 Jul 1930 in Lima, Allen County, Ohio, Cecil married Lettia Mierka.

Lettia is the daughter of George William Mierka and Nancy Kelley and she was born on 17 Jan 1895 in Liberty, Putnam County, Ohio.  Interestingly, on the Application for a Marriage License, Lettia said that she was 29 years old on 17 Jan 1930 — but she was likely 35!?

When they married, Cecil was employed as a mechanic and Lettia as a bookkeeper.

Cecil did not acknowledge that he was married before (probably because it wasn’t legal) and Lettia said that she was a widow and that her married name was “Hager”.

And so began my research into the complicated life of Lettia Mierka!

I discovered that Lettia was married three times before she married Cecil!!

Lettia Mierka and Louis Hager

Marriage - Louis Hager and Lettia VincentI found the Marriage Record for Lettia when she married Louis Hager.  They married on 30 Sep 1920 in Sandusky, Erie County, Ohio.  Louis is the son of John Hager and Catherine Oehm and he was born on 14 Oct 1892 in Bellevue, Ohio.  This time Lettia was truthful about her age!

However, once again, she swore that she was a widow and had been married once before and that her married name was “Vincent”.

Lettia Mierka and Theodore Vincent

Sure enough I found a Marriage Record for Lettia when she married Theo (Theodore) Paul Vincent on 27 May 1916 in Lucas County, Ohio.  Theodore is the son of Narcisse Vincent and Mary Jane Carle and he said that he was 24 years old on 30 Apr 1916 and that he was born in Waubaushene, Ontario (Canada).  Therefore, his year of birth would be 1892.

Marriage - Theodore Vincent and Lettia Mierka

Even though Theo Vincent and Louis Hager are not related to the Evisons, I was curious to know where and why they died.

Deaths of Theo Vincent and Louis Hager

I found Theo Vincent in the 1891 Canadian Census living with his parents and siblings in Ontario (Canada).  He was 2 years old in 1891 and therefore his year of birth was about 1889, not 1892 as he swore in the Application for a Marriage License to Lettia.

Death and Burial - Theodore Paul VincentWhen I searched for a Theo or Theodore Vincent born in about 1889 in Canada, I found an index for a Theodore Paul Vincent who died on 19 Oct 1918 in Toledo, Ohio.

It appears that Theodore’s actual date of birth was 28 Apr 1889; therefore, he was 27 years old when he married Lettia.  There is no cause of death listed.

Death - Louis HagerLouis Hager died on 27 Feb 1924 in the National Military Home in Toledo, Ohio.  He enlisted in the U.S. Army in 1917, fought overseas and was honourably discharged on 30 Aug 1919.

Military History - Louis Hager

He was only 30 years old when he passed away from pulmonary tuberculosis.

Lettia Mierka and Paul Poister

Marriage - Paul Poister and Lettia Hager Unbelievably, I found documents to prove that Lettia married a third time before she married Cecil!!

She married Paul Arthur Poister on 5 Jan 1927 in Knox County, Ohio. He was born to William Poister and Sophia Henke on 8 Apr 1896. This was Paul’s first marriage and Lettia correctly declared that she was married before and that her married name was “Mrs. Lewis Hager”.

The interesting, and complicated, bit of information that I found is that Paul re-married in 1937 to Mary L Marshall.

In the Application for a Marriage License, Paul swore that he was married once before and that he divorced in 1931.  But Lettia married Cecil Evison in 1930??

So either Paul was mistaken about the year he divorced Lettia or Lettia was a bigamist!

To recap the marriages of Lettia Mierka:

  1. Married Theodore Paul Vincent on 27 May 1916.  Theodore died on 19 Oct 1918.
  2. Married Louis Hager on 30 Sep 1920.  Louis died on 27 Feb 1924.
  3. Married Paul Arthur Poister on 5 Jan 1927.  Divorced Paul in 1931?
  4. Married Cecil Edward Evison on 5 Jul 1930.

Cecil Evison and Kitty Faye Lael

Marriage - Cecil Evison and Kitty FarschCecil married again on 24 Nov 1936 in Bowling Green, Wood County, Ohio – to Kitty Faye Lael, the daughter of John Lael and Emma Koonce.

Kitty was born on 29 Aug 1905 in Dugger, Sullivan County,  Indiana.

Marriage GraphicBefore she married Cecil, Kitty married  Walter Timberlake Farsch — on 23 Jun 1923 in Sullivan County, Indiana.  Walter was born to Frank Farsch and Kate Kious on 22 Jan 1903 in Victor, West Virginia.   The year after they married, Kitty and Walter had a daughter named Wauketa Louise Farsch.

Kitty and Walter divorced in 1932 and Walter re-married on 24 Nov 1934 to Mary E. Miller, the daughter of David Miller and Mary Gordon.  Their marriage didn’t last very long!  When she wed Claud Gordon in 1945, Mary swore on the Application for a Marriage License that she was married once before — but that she divorced in 1934?!  Mary died in 2009 and there is no mention of Walter in her obituary.

I digress 😉

1940 Census - Cecil and Kitty EvisonIn 1940, Cecil and Kitty and his step-daughter, Wauketa, were living in Toledo.  Cecil was working as an automobile mechanic in the coal company and Kitty was employed as a “selector” in a glass company.  16-year-old Wauketa was attending school.

Obituary - Cecil EvisonIn August of 1950, Cecil collapsed at home (1114 Wamba Ave) and was rushed to Riverside Hospital in Toledo where he was dead on arrival.  😦

He passed away on 17 Aug 1950 of a sub-arachnoid haemorrhage and arteriosclerosis.  He was only 47 years old when he died.

At the time of his death, Cecil was employed as a foreman at the Big Four Coal Company in Toledo.

Cecil was buried in Toledo Memorial Park in Sylvania, Lucas County, Ohio.

Death - Cecil Evison

It seems that, even after his death, Cecil’s life was “complicated”!

Death - Kitty FarschKitty Evison died about 24 years after Cecil, on 19 Oct 1974 in Mercy Hospital in Toledo.  At the time of her death, Kitty was living at 1114 Wamba Ave in Toledo.

The interesting thing is that Kitty’s surname in the death records is “Farsch” not “Evison”.  And even more interesting is that Walter Farsch, her first husband, died earlier in 1974 and his address was also 1114 Wamba Drive in Toledo?  Complicated! 🙂

Since it is the home where Cecil Evison was living with his family in 1930, where his parents were living when they died (Francis in 1930 and Lydia in 1945), where Cecil collapsed and died in 1950 and where Cecil’s third wife, Kitty, was living when she died in 1974, I thought that I’d include a photograph of 1114 Wamba Ave in Toledo, Ohio, that I downloaded from Google Maps.

1114 Wamba Ave, Toledo, Ohio

1114 Wamba Ave, Toledo, Ohio

Description of 1114 Wamba Ave Toledo Ohio

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  1. ehousewife says:

    Not too complicated. Kitty and Walter remarried after the death of Cecil and lived in the house until both of their deaths in 1974. They were my great grandparents. I spent so much time in that house!

  2. Hi ehousewife! Nice to “meet” you and thanks for the info about Kitty and Walter 🙂

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