Harry E. Evison, A Simple Life

Francis C. Evison and his third wife, Laura Melissa Stevens, had two sons:

  • Cecil Edward and
  • Harry E. Evison

Cecil and Harry’s lives are a study in contrasts!  Harry likely lived a simple, uncomplicated life — while Cecil’s was complicated and chaotic!  Cecil was older than Harry but I’m going to write about Harry first, because it’s simpler LOL!

I couldn’t locate a source birth document for Harry but, from looking at the ages he was in the various census years, I would guestimate that he was born in about 1908, in Michigan.

In 1910, 2-year-old Harry was living in Chesterfield Township, Fulton County, Ohio, with his parents, his older brother and his widowed maternal grandmother, Kezia Stevens.

1910 Census -  The Evisons and Kezia Stevens

1910 Census – The Evisons and Kezia Stevens

By January of 1920, the Evisons had moved to Adams Township, Lucas County, Ohio.  11-year-old Harry was still living with his parents and his brother — but this time it is his widowed paternal grandfather, Francis Evison, that is living with them.

1920 Census - The Evisons, including Francis Evison Sr.

1920 Census – The Evisons, including Francis Evison Sr.

In 1930, Francis and Laura’s 20-something sons were still single and still living at home!!  The Evisons owned the house that they lived in and it was worth $6,000.  Their address was 1114 Wamba Drive in Toledo, Ohio.  Harry was employed as a landscaper.

1930 Census - The Evisons

1930 Census – The Evisons

Harry’s father died on 10 May 1930, a month after the 1930 Census was taken.  In May of 1940, 33-year-old Harry was living with his widowed mother, still at 1114 Wamba Drive in Toledo. The house had dropped in value and was now worth only $2,500!?  Laura told the census taker that the highest grade in school that Harry completed was Grade 6 and that, in the previous year, he worked for 36 weeks as a truck driver for a coal company, earning $1,080.

1940 Census - Laura and Harry Evison

1940 Census – Laura and Harry Evison

Harry died on 15 May 1967 when he was 59 years old.  He is buried in Forest Cemetery in Toledo (Section 30, Row 27, Grave #2).  His gravesite is closeby to three of his half-brother’s children who tragically died in infancy/childhood.  Also nearby is the burial site of his father’s second wife, Cynthia.

Evison Burials in Forest Cemetery in Toledo, OhioMap - Forest Cemetery, Toledo, Ohio

I couldn’t find the original of his death certificate but the transcription says that Harry was divorced when he died!  Although I cannot locate any supporting documents/information, it seems likely that Harry married and maybe had children.  Perhaps Harry’s life wasn’t as simple as I thought 😉

Death - Harry E Evison

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