Ruth Hannah Evison and Walter John Bitz and their descendants

Ruth Hannah Evison was the only child of Earl and Belva Evison to survive into adulthood.

She is my 3rd cousin, 1X removed.  Or to put it another way, she is the great granddaughter of my great, great uncle, Francis Evison.  Francis Evison is the brother of William Evison, my great, great grandfather.  The ancestors that Ruth and I have in common are William St. Thomas Evison and his wife, Lucy Frost.

Ruth was born on New Year’s Eve 1906 in Adams Township, Lucas County (Ohio).  She likely lived with her parents in Adams Township until she married Walter John Bitz.

When she was 18 years old, Ruth married 21-year-old Walter John Bitz.  They wed on 18 Mar 1925 in Monroe, Monroe County (Michigan).  Walter John is the son of William C Bitz and Edith Hoens; he was born on 26 May 1904 in Toledo, Lucas County (Ohio).

Marriage - Walter Bitz and Ruth Evison

Marriage – Walter Bitz and Ruth Evison



Walter and Ruth had 3 children:  Earl William (b: 6 Mar 1927), Ethel R. (b: 7 Aug 1930) and Belva K. Bitz (b: 22 Sep 1937) — all born in Toledo, Lucas County (Ohio).



In 1930, the Bitz family were living at 1025 Wamba Drive in Toledo, Adams Township, Lucas County (Ohio).  Walter was employed as a machinist in a spark plug factory.

Ruth’s parents, Earl and Belva Evison, were living just down the road — at 1016 Wamba Drive.

By 1940, the Bitz and the Evisons had moved to Spencer Township in Lucas County (Ohio).  Spencer Township is a suburb of Toledo.   Walter was still employed in the spark plug factory.

It appears that the Walter and Ruth and their family were living together with, or next door to, Earl and Belva Evison.  Walter and Ruth’s son, William, is listed as living with his grandparents.

1940 Census - Walter and Ruth Bitz and Earl and Belva Evison

1940 Census – Walter and Ruth Bitz and Earl and Belva Evison

Golden Wedding Anniversary - Walter and Ruth BitzObituary - Walter BitzWalter retired in 1966 from the spark plug factory after working there for 37 years.

And in March of 1975, Walter and Ruth celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary!

Death - Ruth H Evison Bitz

Death – Ruth H Evison Bitz

At the age of 82, Walter died on 10 Oct 1986 in Toledo (Ohio).  And Ruth was 83 years old when she passed away on 2 Jul 1990, also in Toledo.

Attached are the begats of Walter John Bitz and Ruth Hannah Evison.  The  main source of the information in the begats is info that I found on each person’s Facebook page or by googling their name.  It may or may not be complete — or correct.

Begats of Walter John Bitz and Ruth Hannah Evison

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