That’s Odd!!

This blog is about the son of Francis Evison and Lydia Cooper.  His name is Francis C. Evison and he was born on 24 Jun 1860 in Lucas County, Ohio (USA).  Francis C is my 1st cousin, 3X removed.

Shortly after his birth, Francis’s parents must have moved to Whiteford, Monroe County, Michigan (USA) because the family was recorded as living there on 27 July 1860.

Sadly, Francis’s mother died sometime between 11 Nov 1862 (the day that Francis’s younger sister was born) and 28 May 1870 (the day that Francis’s father married his second wife).  Francis was 11 years old when his father remarried.

It was also within this time period that Francis moved from Michigan back to Ohio!

Census Taker - Norman Rockwell

Census Taker – Norman Rockwell

Oddly, in July of 1870, Francis was enumerated as living in two different places in Sylvania, Lucas County (Ohio)!

On 18 Jul 1870.  Francis was staying with his paternal grandparents, William and Lucy Evison.  Then on 19 Jul 1870, he was living with his father and stepmother!?

The instructions to the census taker were to record, “the name of every person whose place of abode on the first day of June, 1870, was in this family.”   Clearly, Francis could not be living in both places on 1 Jun 1870!  I think that he was living with his grandparents on 1 Jun 1870 and with his father and stepmother on 19 Jul 1870.

By the end of 1879, Francis was back living in Michigan!

Francis C Evison and Alvaretta Metcalf

Marriage - Francis Evison and Alvaretta MetcalfOn 21 Dec 1879 in Seneca, Lenawee County (Michigan),  20-year-old Francis married 17-year-old Alvaretta Hannah Metcalf.

Alvaretta, the daughter of William T. Metcalf and Mary Newell, was born on 22 Jul 1862 in Sand Creek, Lenawee County (Michigan).

scratch-head03-idea-animated-animation-smiley-emoticon-000416-largeIn 1880, Francis is again listed as living in two different places!  This time in Seneca, Lenawee County (Michigan).  He was written in — and then crossed off — living with his parents and younger sister. And he was also enumerated living with his wife, Alvaretta, and her widowed mother, Mary Metcalf.  Odd!!

1880 Census - Francis and Ann Evison and Family  1880 Census - Francis and Alvaretta Evison

On 3 Feb 1883 in Seneca, Francis and Alvaretta’s son was born.  He was registered as William E. Evison, but he was also known as “Earl”.

Birth - William Earl Evison

At the end of June of 1884, the Evisons were still living with Alvaretta’s mother, Mary Metcalf, in Seneca.

1884 Michigan Census - Francis, Alvaretta and William EvisonAlvaretta Metcalf Evison BarberNow another odd thing in the life of Francis C. Evison!!

According to an on-line family tree, Alvaretta married Charles Frederick Barber in 1894!?  Alvaretta and Charles’s first child was born the following year — on 2 Nov 1895 in Adrian, Lenawee County (Michigan).

The owner of the on-line tree also posted a photograph of Alvaretta and she obviously lived into old age LOL!

I contacted the Ancestry member who posted the photograph to ask if she knows anything about the circumstances of Alvaretta’s re-marriage — but, as of the date of this blog, I have not received an answer.

Update on 25 Aug 2014

I heard back from the Ancestry member and she doesn’t have any information on the circumstances surrounding Alvaretta’s re-marriage.  So I have to assume that Alvaretta and Francis Evison divorced sometime between 1884 (the last census where they are living together) and 1894 (when Alvaretta married Charles Barber).

Alvaretta had two children with Charles Barber:  Bertha Ann (b: 2 Nov 1895) and Charles Noble (b: 18 Sep 1900) and she died on 22 Mar 1946.

Now back to the life story of Francis Evison!

By the end of 1897, Francis was about to move again – from Michigan back to Ohio!

Francis C Evison and Cintha (Cynthia) Stevens

Marriage - Francis Evison and Cynthia StevensOn 4 Dec 1897, Francis applied for a marriage license to marry Cynthia Stevens.

He swore an oath that he “has no wife living”.  So either he lied, or he was divorced from Alvaretta 😉

Francis and Cynthia married the next day — on 5 Dec 1897 in Lucas County (Ohio).  I couldn’t find any information about who Cynthia’s parents are.  But she was born in 1867 in Liberty, Adams County (Ohio).  Cynthia was about 7 years younger than Francis.

In 1900, Francis and Cynthia were still living in Lucas County.  Francis was employed as a carpenter and the family was living in a house that they owned (but was mortgaged).

thinking-idea-animated-animation-smiley-emoticon-000339-facebookThe census taker wrote Francis’s son’s name as “Earl W” — not “William E” as it has been on all documents up until 1900.  Odd!

And it appears that Earl continued to live with his father, not his mother when she re-married.

1900 Census - Francis, Cynthia and Earl Evison

Cynthia Stevens Evison died on 19 Nov 1900 in Adams Township, Lucas County (Ohio).  The odd thing is that her name is shown as “Cintha” in the transcription that I found on the Mormon website (  Cintha (aka Cynthia) was only 33 years old when she died (cause of death unknown).

Death - Cintha A Evison

Francis C Evison and Laura Melissa Stevens

Marriage - Francis Evison and Laura StevensFrancis married for the third time, to Laura Melissa Stevens, on 13 Jan 1901 in Toledo, Lucas County (Ohio).  This was the first marriage for Laura.

Laura was born in Fulton County (Ohio) on 27 Jun 1874  — almost 15 years younger than Francis!!  She is the daughter of Myron Stevens and Kezia Adeline Eastman.

I searched for, but couldn’t find, any proof that Cynthia (Cintha) Stevens and Laura Melissa Stevens were related.

The year after she married Francis, Laura gave birth to a son named Cecil Edward Evison.  He was born on 26 Nov 1902 in Toledo.

Birth - Cecil Edward Evison

1910 Census - Francis and Laura Evison and FamilyTheir second son, Harry E, was born in about 1908.  The odd thing is that he was born in Michigan!!

I couldn’t find any documentation to determine when the Evison family moved from Ohio to Michigan but, by Apr of 1910, they were back in Ohio — living in Chesterfield Township, Fulton County (Ohio).

1920 Census  - Francis and Laura Evison and FamilyThen, in 1920 and 1930, Francis was living in Adams Township, Lucas County (Ohio), with his wife, Laura, and their sons, Cecil and Harry.

In 1920, Francis’s widowed father was also living with them and Francis’s eldest son, Earl, was living a few doors down.

The odd thing in the 1930 census (dated 9 Apr 1930) is that Francis’s occupation is written in as “landscaper-real estate firm” — but then is crossed off and “none” is written over top.

1930 Census - Francis and Laura Evison and Family

The Death of Francis C Evison and Laura Stevens Evison

Francis C Evison died a month after the 1930 census was taken.  He died of pulmonary tuberculosis on 10 May 1930 at the age of 69 years, 10 months and 15 days.  His death certificate says that he is buried in one of the cemeteries in Lyons, Fulton County (Ohio).  However, I couldn’t find his name listed in the index here.

His death certificate also says that he last worked in 1926 and that he worked for 35 years as a carpenter — which means he was about 30 years old when he became a carpenter.  Before that, he was a farmer.

Death - Francis C Evison

Laura continued to live in the same house that she was living in when Francis died — 1114 Wamba Ave in Adams Township, Lucas County (Ohio).  She was living there with her son, Harry, in 1940.

1940 Census - Laura and Harry Evison

On 9 Feb 1945 in Adams Township, Lucas County (Ohio), Laura Stevens Evison died of coronary sclerosis and angina pectoris.  She was buried in Rose Hill Cemetery in Lyons, Fulton County (Ohio) on 12 Feb 1945.  I’m assuming that she was buried with Francis but I was unable to find a transcription or a photo of their headstone.

Death - Laura Stevens Evison

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