Doubting Thomases, Part Three

Parts One and Two of Doubting Thomases is about the six oldest children of Alfred Francis Thomas and Sarah Ellen “Nellie” Finch.  Part Three is about their four youngest.

As with Parts One and Two, there is a caveat about the information in the blogs.  If there isn’t a supporting document, then the information can be considered as doubtful — ergo the reason for the title of the blogs about the Thomas family 🙂

Floyd (aka Lloyd) Francis Thomas

Birth - Floyd ThomasFloyd Francis Thomas is the 7th child of Alfred and Nellie.  He was born on 28 Jun 1912 in Westminister Township, Middlesex County (Ontario).

As so often happens in the Evison family, he was registered with one name when he was born — but was known by a different name!

In this case, he was registered as “Floyd”, but growing up, he was called “Lloyd”.

In 1921, Lloyd was living with his family in a six room frame house in Westminster Township.  Lloyd’s father earned his living as a farmer.

1921 Census - Alfred and Nellie Thomas and Family

I found Lloyd’s headstone in the Scottsville Cemetery in Scottsville, Middlesex County, (Ontario).  He died in 1961 — but I don’t know where.

On the headstone, it says that Lloyd is “the beloved husband of Marion Frances Mansfield”.  The date of birth for Marion is 1922 and the date of death is 2001.

Headstone - Lloyd Francis Thomas and Marilyn MansfieldUsing this information, I located Marion’s obituary.  Marion was born on 20 May 1922 and she died suddenly at St. Thomas Elgin General Hospital in St. Thomas, Elgin County (Ontario), on 24 Nov 2001, or 25 Nov 2001 — her obituary mentions both dates??

Obituary - Marion Frances Thomas

Lloyd and Marion had two children:

  • Larry Francis Thomas who married Diana and they had four children: Katelyn, Kelsey, Kimberley and Kristin
  • Marilyn Thomas who married Ralph Smith and they had two children: Michael and Sheri.

Howard Frederick Thomas

Howard Frederick Thomas, Alfred and Nellie’s 8th child, was 4 years old in the 1921 Census; therefore, he was born in about 1916.

bebe15As of the date of this blog, Ancestry has published birth documents only up until 1913, so no original birth registration is available for Howard.

But I found an Ancestry tree that said that he was born on 17 Jun in Tempo, Middlesex County (Ontario) — but there are no sources listed.

According to that family tree, as well as a brief mention in Delaware and Westminster Townships: Together In History Volume Two, Howard married Evelyn Mae Williams in 1937 and they lived near Talbotville in Elgin County (Ontario).

Howard and Evelyn are listed in the 1965 Voter’s List, living at R.R. 7, St. Thomas (Ontario).

Voters List - Howard and Evelyn Thomas

Evelyn died in 1974 and Howard in 1984.  They are buried together in McArthur Cemetery, Southwold Township, Middlesex County (Ontario).   The headstone says “Mother” and “Father” so I assume that Evelyn and Howard had children — but I couldn’t find any information about how many children or what their names may be.

Headstone - Howard F and Evelyn Mae Thomas

Gerald Ross Thomas

Gerald Ross Thomas was three years old in 1921.  So I assume that he was born in about 1918.  Again, no birth document is available on Ancestry — yet 😉

According to a short write-up about Gerald in Delaware and Westminster Townships: Together In History Volume Two and other information that I found on the internet,  Gerald married Eula Audrey Smale, daughter of Frederick Clifton Smale and Effie Isabelle Marr, in September of 1945.

Marriage - Gerald Thomas and Eula Smale

St Thomas Times Journal (transcription by the Elgin County Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society)

On the 1946 Voter’s List, Gerald and Eula are living in Glanworth (Ontario).  Gerald is working as a mechanic.

Voter's List - Gerald and Eula ThomasGerald and Eula had one child, a daughter named Donna.  Eula died in 1987 and Gerald in Sarnia (Ontario) in 1993, but I don’t know where they are buried.

Doris Winnifred Thomas

Doris Winnifred Thomas is the youngest child of Alfred and Nellie Thomas.  In Delaware and Westminster Townships: Together In History Volume Two , it says that Doris married Roy George Bramley.

I found Roy’s obituary and he passed away in Strathroy, Middlesex County (Ontario), on 5 Feb 2012 in his 91st year.

Obituary - Roy George Bramley

It also says that he and Doris had been married for 65 years — which means that they married in about 1947.

Marriage - Roy Bramley and Doris Thomas

St. Thomas Times Journal (transcription by the Elgin County Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society)

Doris died the year after Roy, on 10 Apr 2013, at the Country Terrace Nursing Home in Komoka, Middlesex County (Ontario).  She was in her 85th year.

Obituary - Doris Winnifred Bramley

One of Doris and Roy’s sons posted a photograph of their headstone on his Facebook page — but it doesn’t say where they are buried.

Headstone - Roy and Winnifred Thomas Bramley

The obituaries for Doris and Roy list the names of their children and spouses:

  • Betty (m: Barry Sitzes)
  • Carol (m: John Wilkin)
  • Brenda (m: Wayne Tidball)
  • Ron (m: Katherine Howey)
  • Tom (m: Heather)
  • Edward (m: Pamela Stevenson)
  • Paul (m: Linda) and
  • Susan

The Bramleys

 Barry & Betty Bramley Sitzes           Paul & Linda Bramley              Ron & Katherine Howey Bramley

This is a map of most of the places mentioned in this blog to give you some idea of where they are located.

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