The Farmer and the Dell

Charles William Evison is the youngest child of William Evison and Ellen Wickham.  His older siblings are:

I think that I know less about Charles than I do about any of the other Evison siblings.  The following is the information and documents that I have found — so far 😉

In 1891, Charles was living with his parents and siblings in Delaware, Middlesex County (Ontario).  He was 6 years old in 1891 — which means he was born in about 1885.

I couldn’t find Charles in the 1901 Census.  He wasn’t living with his parents who, by 1901, had moved to south London (Ontario),  likely to what is today called Wortley Village.

Marriage - Charles Evison and Annie DellWhen he was 22 years old, Charles married Annie (aka Anna)  E. Dell on 10 Dec 1906 in London, Middlesex County (Ontario).

Annie is the daughter of Robert Marshall Dell and Charlotte Tomlin.  Most on-line family trees for Annie record her date of birth as 15 Sep 1887  in Windham Township, Norfolk County (Ontario) — but her headstone says that her year of birth is 1886? (see below).

On the marriage document for Charles and Annie, Charles’s place of birth is listed as Kilworth (Ontario).   Kilworth is located immediately west of Komoka and east of London along County Road 14 (now called Oxford Street West/Glendon Road).

As is so often the case in the Evison family, the union of Charles Evison and Annie Dell is another example of  “inter-marriage” within the family.  Charles William Evison and Cintha (Cynthia) Evison were brother and sister.  Cintha married William Frederick Finch and they had a son, Joseph Wesley Finch.  Joseph Wesley Finch married Jennette Dell who is Annie Dell’s sister.  So that means that Charles William Evison is Joseph Wesley Finch’s uncle — and his brother-in-law!

Family Tree - Evisons and Dells

In January of 1910, Charles and Annie moved to the USA.  They crossed the border  at Detroit, Michigan (USA).  And in April of 1910, they were living in Detroit; Charles was working as a labourer in a machine shop.

Border Crossing - Charles and Annie Evison1910 Census - Charles and Annie Evison

Then, on 9 Dec 1915, it looks like Charles and Annie returned to Canada.  They crossed the Canada/US border at Wallaceburg (Ontario) and with them was their 15-month-old daughter, Margaret.  Charles listed his occupation as “carpenter”.

Border Crossing - Charles, Annie and Margaret Evison

detective smileyThe 1921 Canadian Census has been uploaded to the internet but has not, as yet, been indexed.  Therefore, it is not searchable by name.

I’ll update this blog with the whereabouts of Charles and Annie as soon as I find the 1921 Census for them. (*** see below for update)

At age 59, Annie E Dell Evison died on 3 May 1947.  She is buried in Woodland Cemetery in London (Ontario).  I do not know when or where Charles died.

Death - Annie Dell Evison

From the St Thomas Times Journal (May 5, 1947)

Headstone - Annie Dell Evison

According to the notice of Annie’s death published in the St. Thomas Times Journal (see above),  Charles Evison and Annie Dell had two children:  Margaret and Herbert Evison.

I couldn’t find any information about Herbert (**** see below for update) — but Margaret married Aubrey Mayes.  Aubrey was the illegitimate son of Muriel Mayes and he was born in London (Ontario) on 5 Mar 1912.

That’s all the documents that I could find about Aubrey and Margaret, except for various Voter’s Lists over the years.  One in 1958 lists a Joan Mayes living with them.  I assume that Joan is the daughter of Aubrey and Margaret?  They are living 0n 43 Forbes Street in London (Ontario).

Aubrey died in Port Stanley (Ontario) on 19 May 1998.  I don’t know where he is buried nor when or where Margaret Evison Mayes died.

Birth - Aubrey Mayes

Voters List - Aubrey, Margaret and Joan Mayes

*** Update on 29 Oct 2013:  The 1921 Census has been released and indexed!!!

In 1921, Charles, Annie and their children (Margaret and Herbert) are living on Lot 11, Concession 4 of London Township.  Margaret is 8 years old (born about 1913) and Herbert is 3 (born about 1918).  Charles is working as a general labourer and earning about $800 a year.

1921 Census - Charles and Annie Evison and family

**** Update on 24 Nov 2013

While researching another Evison ancestor, I came across a 1945 Voter’s List for an H. Evison who was living at 485 King Street, Apt 2, in London (Ontario).

Living in the apartment next door is a Fred Smale.  Fred Smale married Susan Bidnall Evison, Herbert’s aunt.  So I’m assuming that H. Evison is Herbert Evison!?  Living in the same household is a Mary Evison, who I’m guessing is his wife.

1945 Voter's List - Herbert and Mary Evison

According to subsequent Voter’s Lists that I found on Ancestry, Herbert and Mary moved from King Street to 33 Craig Street in London, sometime between 1949 and 1957.  It appears that, when Herbert got out of the army, he earned a living as a “pressman”.

1963 Voter's List - Herbert and Mary Evison

I do not know when or where Herbert and Mary died, nor where they are buried.

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