Oliver and Alden – the Evison Twins

Oliver and Alden Evison are the twin sons of William and Ellen Wickham Evison and they are my great uncles — brothers to my great grandfather, William St. Thomas Evison.

While researching my Evison ancestors, I’ve come across many twins in the family.  At some point in the future, I’ll write a blog and explain where in the family tree I think that the “twin gene” originates.

The Sons of William and Ellen Evison

Birth - Alden and Oliver EvisonOliver and Alden were born to William and Ellen Evison on 12 Jul 1877 in Westminster Township, Middlesex County, Ontario (Canada).

As well as twins being common in the Evison family, Alden is a common family name.  For example, Alden’s uncle (his mother’s brother) is Alden Wickham. And Alden’s maternal great grandfather is Alden Ashley.

In 1881, three-year-old Oliver and Alden were living with their parents and siblings in Westminster Township, Middlesex County (Ontario).  By 1891, they moved to Delaware, Middlesex County (Ontario) and were attending school there.  By 1901, the family moved to South London (which at the time was still part of Westminster Township).  23-year-old Oliver and Alden were “living on their own means” and employed as general labourers — but were still living at home with their parents.

1881 Canadian Census - William and Ellen Evison and Family1891 Canadian Census - William and Ellen Evison and Family1901 Canadian Census - William and Ellen Evison and FamilyMarriage - Alden Evison and Minnie Bidnall

On 8 Nov 1905 in Mount Brydges, Caradoc Township, Middlesex County (Ontario), 28-year-old Alden Evison married 25-year-old Minnie Nancy Bidnall.

Birth - Minnie BidnallMinnie is the daughter of William Edward Bidnall and Susan Jane Elizabeth Bates.  Minnie was born on 11 Mar 1881 in Caradoc Township, Middlesex County (Ontario).

1908 Vernons Directory - Alden and Oliver EvisonSometime prior to 1908, Oliver moved in with Alden and Minnie.  In the 1908 Vernon’s Directory for London (Ontario), they are listed as living together on 179 Briscoe Street, which is in Wortley Village in South London.  Today 179 Briscoe Street is a parking lot 😦

1911 Census - Alden and Oliver EvisonAlden, Minnie and Oliver were still living together in 1911 — still on Briscoe Street in London (Ontario).   The twins were now earning their living as bakers.

This is a photograph that my first cousin gave to me.  From the photograph, I would guess that Alden and Oliver ran a bakery business out of their home on Briscoe Street and that they used the wagon to deliver the confections that they made to their customers.  “Confection” is defined as “a sweet preparation, such as candy.”

I don’t know who the man is in the photo.  It could be Oliver or Alden or even their brother, George!

Eveson Bros Confectioners

Note that, on the side of the wagon, the spelling of the brother’s surname is “Eveson”.

This is a good time to explain that, within the family, the name is pronounced two ways: as “Eve-eh-son” and as “Eh-vi-son”!  I’ve been spelling it as “Evison” in the blogs because most of the documents that I’ve found spell it that way.  I grew up pronouncing it as “Eh-vi-son” but some of my family members say, “Eve-e-son”.

Marriage - Oliver Evison and Susan Elizabeth BidnallBirth - Susan Elizabeth BignallOn 11 Jul 1912 in London (Ontario), Oliver married Susan (aka Susie) Elizabeth Bidnall, who is Minnie’s younger sister and Oliver’s sister-in-law.  Another example in the Evison family of siblings marrying siblings!

Susie was born  on 16 Oct 1886 in Caradoc Township, Middlesex County (Ontario).

By 1915, Alden and Oliver changed professions.  Alden was now earning a living as a gardener and Oliver as a farmer — which is interesting because they were still living on Briscoe Street which, even in 1915, was within the city limits of London (Ontario)!

1915 Vernon's Directory - Alden and Oliver Evison

1921 Census - Alden and Minnie EvisonThe 1921 Canadian Census has been uploaded to the internet but has not been indexed as of the date of this blog — so it is not searchable by surname.

But I did look through pages of  images and managed to find the 1921 Census for Alden and Minnie.  Oliver and Susie were not living with them in 1921.

Edited to add on 5 Nov 2013:

I looked more carefully at the 1921 Census for Alden and Minnie and I noticed that there are two children living with them: Betty (age 4) and Mona (age 5) Kisick.  I don’t know who these children are — but I’ll do some research and update this blog if I discover more about Betty and Mona.

Because I don’t have an address for them, I couldn’t find Oliver and Susie in the 1921 Census — I’ll have to wait until it is indexed and searchable. (*** see below for update)

Oliver died on 26 Jun 1921 (place and cause of death unknown).  He was only 44 years old when he passed away 😦  The following year, on 8 Apr 1922, Alden died at home on Briscoe Street.  His cause of death was “aortic regurgitation” and “angina pectoris”.

Alden and Oliver are buried next to each other in Woodland Cemetery in London (Ontario).

Death - Alden EvisonHeadstone - Oliver and Susie Smale EvisonHeadstone - Alden and Minnie Mansell Evison

It appears that Minnie re-married after Alden’s death.  The surname on the headstone for Minnie is “Mansell”.  Minnie Bidnall Evison Mansell died on 23 Mar 1972.  She was 91 years old!  I don’t know for sure if Alden and Minnie had any children, but not likely.

Newspaper Article - Olive Evison

Newpaper article from the Ottawa Citizen published in 1939 in which Olive Evison, daughter of Oliver and Susie Evison, is mentioned.

I’ve been in touch with a great niece of Minnie and Susie.

She told me that she frequently visited Minnie and Susie in the McCormick Home for the Aged in London (Ontario), where they shared a room.

She said that Susie re-married after Oliver’s death — to Fred Smale.  And that Oliver and Susie had a daughter named Olive (who may have been born in 1919 and who married and had a daughter).

Susie Bidnall Evison Smale died on 30 Jan 1974.

*** Update on 29 Oct 2013:  the 1921 Canadian Census has now been indexed!!

In 1921, Oliver and Susie were living at 105 Duchess Avenue in London (Ontario).  Oliver is still working as a baker and earning about $800 a year.

Note that Oliver and Susie’s daughter, Olive, is not listed in the 1921 Census!  The census was taken on or about 1 Jun 1921.  Oliver died shortly after, on 26 Jun 1921.  Therefore, Olive must have been born after 1 Jun 1921 and before abt March of 1922.

1921 Census - Oliver and Susie Evison

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