George Henry Evison and Lucretia Maria Thornton

So far, I’ve documented the following children of William Evison and Ellen Sarah Wickham:

The next oldest child of William and Ellen is George Henry Evison.  He was born on 9 Mar 1874 in Scottsville, Westminster Township, Middlesex County, Ontario (Canada).

George Henry Evison

Scottsville is located on Col Talbot Rd., just south of Hwy. 402.  It was named for the five families named Scott — all of whom were descended from Monger Scott, the first settler who arrived in the area in 1834.

In 1881, when George was 7 years old, he was living with his family in Westminster Township, Middlesex County (Ontario).

1881 Census - George Henry Evison and Family

By 1891, the family had moved to Delaware, Middlesex County (Ontario) and were living in a two-story, seven room house.   17-year-old George was employed as a farm labourer.

1891 Census - George Evison and Family

As of the date of this blog, I was unable to find George in the 1901 Canadian Census or in the 1900 U.S. Census.

On 10 Jul 1907 in London, Middlesex County (Ontario), George married Lucretia Maria Thornton.  Lucretia, the daughter of William Reuben Thornton and Mary Elizabeth Phillips, was born on 30 Jun 1881 in Kintore, Oxford County (Ontario).

Birth - George Henry EvisonMarriage - George Evison and Lucretia Thornton  Birth - Lucretia Thornton

On his marriage certificate, George listed is occupation as “baker”.   One of the witnesses to the wedding was Alden Evison, George’s younger brother.

Alden and his twin, Oliver, had their own baking business which I think they ran out of their house at 179 Briscoe Street in London (Ontario).  Sadly, Alden and Oliver’s home on Briscoe Street is now a parking lot 😦

This is a photograph that my cousin gave me of the Eveson (sic) Bros. Confectioner’s horse and wagon.  I don’t know who the man is — it could be Alden, Oliver or even George!  The houses in the background look similar to the ones that are on Briscoe Street in Wortley Village, London (Ontario) today.

Eveson Bros Confectioners

Border Crossing - George EvisonOn the 25 Oct 1907, George crossed the border at Port Huron (USA).  However, the card that the border guard completed does not say where George was headed.

Border Crossing - George and Lucretia Evison

But in November of the same year, both George and Lucretia crossed the US border together and indicated that their destination was Austin, Minnesota (USA).  George’s older brother, William St. Thomas Evison (my great grandfather) and his family, were already living in Austin.

1910 Census - George and Lucretia EvisonIn 1910, George and Lucretia were still living in Minnesota — in Marshall Township of Mower County.

They were working for a farmer — George as a hired man and Lucretia as a servant.

By 1916, George and Lucretia had moved to Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan (USA).  Their only child, William George, was born in Detroit on 6 May 1916.

1920 Census - George and Lucretia EvisonIn 1920, George, Lucretia and William were living on 102 Hazelett Ave in Detroit and George was employed as a “guide” in a factory.

1930 Census - George and Lucretia EvisonIn 193o, the family is still living in Detroit, in a rented house along with three male boarders.  George is now an inspector in an auto factory.

1940 Census - George and Lucretia EvisonGeorge and Lucretia are still in Detroit in 1940 — but their son, William, had married (see below for the details of his marriage and his descendants.)

George died in Dearborn, Wayne County (Michigan) on 2 Jun 1948 when he was 74 years.  Lucretia was 67 years old when she passed away in Eloise, Wayne County, Michigan (USA) on 31 Mar 1949.

William George Evison and Rita Marie Wicha and their descendants

George and Lucretia named their only child,  William George Evison, after his grandfather (William) and his father (George).  William George was born on 6 May 1916 in Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan (USA).

I don’t know exactly when, but William married Rita Marie Wicha — the daughter of Clements (also spelled Klemens) and Agnes Belenzie.  Rita was born in Michigan on 30 Jul 1920.

In 1940, William and Rita were living in Dearborn, Wayne County (Michigan).  William was working as a clerk in an auto factory and Rita as a “rod threader-adding machine”.

1940 Census - William and Reta Evison

William died in Petoskey, Emmett County (Michigan) on 11 Dec 1991 and Rita on 25 May 2007 in Southgate, Wayne County (Michigan).

Obituary - Rita M Evison

According to an another on-line family tree, William George Evison and Rita Marie Wicha had 4 children:

  • Twins James William and Jeanne Dianne Evison who were born on 27 Apr 1942
  • Lee Earl Evison, born in about 1945 and
  • Cynthia Gayle born in about Apr of 1954

Attached are the begats of William and Rita Wicha Evison.  Note:  the  main source of the information in the “begats” is info that I found on the Facebook pages for each person or by googling their name.  It may or may not be complete — or correct.

Begats of William George and Rita Wicha Evison

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  4. Sandra Thatcher says:

    my grandfather was ralph melbourne thornton from sedalia alberta, the son of william reuben Thornton and mary elizabeth phillips

    • Hello, Sandra! Nice to “meet” you! 🙂 I hope that this blog provides you with information about your great aunt, Lucretia Thornton Evison, and her descendants!

      • Sandra Thatcher says:

        I live in Pickering Ontario. The Thornton family just celebrated over 100 years on the Thornton family farm in Sedalia, Alberta this past summer of 2013. My Uncle Ralph Thornton and his son still run the farm which william reuben thornton and mary elizabeth phillips homesteaded

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