When an Evison Marries an Eichenberger

The youngest child of Francis (Frank) Evison and Charlotte Hill, a daughter, was born on 6 Aug 1900 in Delaware, Middlesex County (Ontario).

Birth - Irene Olive EvisonWhen he registered his daughter’s birth, Frank Evison registered her name as “Irene Olive”.

But Irene’s mother wanted to call her “Charlotte Ellen” and so it was — most of the time.   Irene Olive/Charlotte Ellen was also known as “Nellie”!!

Needless to say, it was a bit difficult to find supporting documents for Irene Olive, aka Charlotte Ellen, aka Nellie Evison LOL!

In the 1901 Census, her name was listed as “Charlotte E.” and she was living in Delaware with her parents and older siblings: Hannah, Norman and Richard.

1901 census - Charlotte E Evison and Family

By 1911,  the Evison family had moved to Komoka, Lobo Township (Ontario).  In the 1911 Census, Charlotte was listed as “Ellen” 🙂

1911 Census - Ellen Evison and Family

“Nellie”, as she was most often called by her family, is my grandmother’s first cousin.  This is a photograph of my grandmother, Ethel Annie Evison, and her sister, Dorothea,  with Nellie.

Dorothea, Nellie and Ethel Evison

Dorothea, Nellie and Ethel Evison

On 6 Nov 1920 in London, Middlesex County (Ontario), Nellie married Clifford Karl Eichenberger, son of Jacob Eichenberger and Sophia Karl.  Clifford was born on 19 Mar 1900 in Delaware Township (Ontario).  Note that, on the marriage licence, Nellie’s name is “Irene Olive”.

Birth - Clifford Karl EichenbergerMarriage - Clifford Eichenberger and Nellie Evison

This is another example of where the family relationships get a bit complicated!

Francis (Frank) Evison and William St. Thomas Evison are brothers, which means that their children, Charlotte “Nellie” Evison and Ethel Annie Evison, are 1st cousins.  Nellie married Clifford Karl Eichenberger, brother of Earl Jacob Eichenberger, who married Ethel — which makes Nellie and Ethel also related by marriage (i.e. sisters-in-law).

So that means that the children of Clifford/Nellie and Earl/Ethel are both 1st cousins and 1st cousins, once removed!!

When An Evison Marries An Eichenberger

In 1921, Clifford and Irene (aka Charlotte Ellen) were living in Delaware — with Jacob and Sophia Eichenberger (Clifford’s parents) and Earl Eichenberger (Clifford’s brother) and Earl’s wife, Ethel, and their first-born child, Evelyn.

1921 Census - The Eichenbergers

1921 Census – The Eichenbergers

There are two houses on the Eichenberger property in Delaware. It’s likely that they were living together in the two-storey brick house which still stands today near the corner of Longwoods and Carriage Roads, just outside of Delaware.

Eichenberger Farmhouse - side view

Nellie and Clifford’s first child, Donald Clifford, was born on 27 Jun 1921 in Delaware and a second son, Weldon Norman, arrived on 23 Oct 1924.

Nellie, Clifford, Weldon and Don Eichenberger

Nellie and Clifford Eichenberger and sons, Weldon and Donald.

On 12 Jun 1926, Nellie and Clifford and their sons crossed the Canada/US border at Port Huron, Michigan (USA).  They told the border guards that they intended to join George Tunks in Redford, Michigan (USA).  George is Nellie’s brother-in-law, husband of her sister, Hannah.

Border Crossing - Clifford and Nellie Eichenberger and Sons

Clifford and Nellie’s stay in the USA was very short-lived — because their daughter, Shirley, was born in Delaware in April of 1927!  Two sons followed Shirley’s birth: Kenneth Herman on 27 Nov 1929 and Alan George on 17 May 1932.

Delaware and Westminster Township: Together in HistoryAccording to Clifford’s biography in Delaware and Westminster Township: Together In History (Volume Two, Page 177):

“Cliff lived across the road from his father and brother on the west side of L5 C2 where he farmed and raised his family.  In the 1940s, he moved to Glendale in Westminster Township.”

The village of Glendale was located near, what is today, the corner of Southdale Road and Wharncliffe Road in London (Ontario).  The village took it’s name from the Dale family, early pioneers of the area.  The school and the church sat at the next intersection to the east and many buildings/businesses were strung along the road between the two intersections.

Glendale Methodist United Church

The Glendale Methodist Church (which eventually became a United Church) was on the corner of Southdale and Whiteoaks Road.  It was formerly opened on 12 Oct 1901 and recently torn down.  The school was officially known as S. S. No. 8, — but everyone called it Dale’s School.  It was on the northwest corner of Southdale and Homeview/Whiteoaks Roads.   The area became RR 1, London, and was annexed by the City on 1 Jan 1961.

Clifford and Nellie and their family lived in a house next door to the school in Glendale.  Ken and Alan attended S.S. No. 8 and Shirley went to South Secondary School in London.  They were also members of the Glendale United Church.  At some point, the family moved to London and lived on Mill Street.

In addition to farming, Cliff worked for the County of Middlesex where he helped to dig the gravel pits in Komoka (Ontario).   The gravel pits have since become disused and are now lakes and ponds surrounding the boundary of the town.

Cliff also worked in construction and it was while working on the job in St. Thomas on 15 Jul 1955 that Clifford died.  He was 65 years old.

Nellie died on 15 Dec 1974 in Strathroy, Middlesex County (Ontario).

Clifford and Nellie are buried together in Oakland Cemetery in Delaware (Ontario).

Headstone - Clifford Karl Eichenberger and Nellie Evison

The following is a link to more detailed information about the children, grandchildren and great grandchilren of Nellie Evison and Clifford Eichenberger:

Begats of Nellie Evison and Clifford Eichenberger – Revised 2 Dec 2013

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