Hannah Evison and George Tunks and their Daughters

Hannah Frances Evison is the oldest daughter of Francis (Frank) Evison and Charlotte Hill.  Hannah is my maternal grandmother’s first cousin.

George, Hannah, Frances and Edith TunksHannah was born on 25 Feb 1894 in Delaware, Middlesex County (Ontario).

In Delaware on 14 Mar 1911, 17-year-old Hannah married 21-year-old George Henry Tunks, son of John Henry Tunks and Alma Luella Cornell.

George was born on 11 May 1890 in Lambeth, Westminster Township, Middlesex County (Ontario).

In June of 1911, George and Hannah were living in Komoka, Lobo Township, Middlesex County (Ontario)   George earned his living as a farmer.

George and Hannah’s daughters were born in Komoka:  Frances Alma on 29 Aug 1912 and Edith Helen on 17 Aug 1914.

Birth - Hannah Frances Evison  Marriage - George Tunks and Hannah Evison     Birth - George Tunks

On 6 Jan 1916 in Strathroy (Ontario), George joined the Canadian army and was assigned to the 135th O.S. Battalion — the same battalion as his father-in-law,  Frank Evison.  In his Attestation Papers, George listed his trade/calling as “tile manufacturer”.

According to George’s biography in  Delaware and Westminster Townships, Together in History, Volume Two (Page 631), George and his father operated the Lobo Cement Tile Company together and they made cement tile and blocks from which many buildings in the area were made.

DLPamphletIn 1918, George travelled to Ohio to learn how to install and service Delco Light Systems.

The Dayton Engineering Laboratories Company (Delco) system consisted of a generator and a series of big glass storage batteries that were used to create and store electricity.  The electricity was used, among other things, to light farm houses and barns that previously relied on oil lamps and lanterns.

George had a portable Delco system that he would take to garden parties and other outdoor events

The 1921 Canadian Census has just been released but it’s not indexed/searchable yet, but I was lucky enough to find the Tunks!  They were still living in Komoka.

1921 Census - The Tunks

Border Crossing - George TunksBorder Crossing - Hannah Evison TunksOn 20 Aug 1924, George, Hannah, Frances and Edith arrived at the Canadian/American border at Detroit, Michigan (USA)

They informed the border guards that they intended to remain permanently in the U.S.

In 1930, the Tunks are living in Redford, Wayne County, Michigan (USA).  George is working as a parts maker in an auto factory and earning $5,000 a year!  But he was laid off shortly after and he and his family returned to Canada.

1930 Census - George and Hannah Tunks and Family

Tragically, shortly after their return to Canada, Hannah died.  She died on 1 Sep 1932 in Victoria Hospital in London, Middlesex County (Ontario), of a “ruptured ectopic gestation”.  She was only 38 years old 😦

Death - Hannah Evison Tunks

George and Ethel TunksIn 1945, George re-married — to Ethel Jane Elviage, daughter of John Elviage and Catharine Fortner.

Ethel was previously married to James Richard Bourne who died in 1940.

Ethel Elviage Bourne Tunks died in Charlotte, Florida (USA), in 1960 and is buried in Oakland Cemetery in Delaware, Middlesex County (Ontario).

George Henry Tunks died in 1988 and he is buried with Hannah Evison Tunks in Campbell’s Cemetery in Lobo Township, Middlesex County (Ontario).

Headstone - George and Hannah Evison Tunks

Headstone – George and Hannah Evison Tunks

Frances Alma Tunks and Colin Thomas Prior

Birth - Frances Alma TunksFrances is the oldest daughter of Hannah Evison and George Tunks.  She was born on 29 Aug 1912 in Komoka, Lobo Township, Middlesex County (Ontario).

In 1935, Frances married Colin Thomas Prior, son of William Thomas Prior and Laura Rose Eichenberger.

Colin was born in Delaware, Middlesex County (Ontario) on 29 Mar 1913 and, according to the Voter’s Lists on Ancestry.com, Colin was a carpenter.

scratch-head03-idea-animated-animation-smiley-emoticon-000416-largeBelow is a graphic of the relationships between the Tunks and Evisons and Eichenbergers.  Note:  It doesn’t include everyone in the family tree — just the “relevant” people.

My grandmother is the red circle and Frances is the blue one.

Frances and my grandmother had commons ancestors – William Evison and Ellen Sarah Wickham.  But my grandmother was also Frances’s aunt by marriage!  Or I think that’s correct??  Anyway — I’ve included it here in case someone else can figure this out LOL!

Tunks Evison Eichenberger Family Tree

The Prior FamilyColin Thomas Prior, William Thomas Prior, Laura Rose Eichenberger Prior

Frances and Colin had three children:

  • Norma Frances who married John Albert Lewis Annett
  • Sidney Colin who married Margaret Gail Ambrose
  • Catherine Anne who married John Douglas Grover

Colin died on 2 Nov 1975 at age 62.  Frances was 87 year old when she died on 15 Dec 1999.  They are buried together in Oakland Cemetery in Delaware, Middlesex County (Ontario).

Note that, on the headstone for Frances, her DOB is shown as 30 Aug 1912 — but her birth registration says that she was born on 29 Aug 1912!?

Headstone - Colin Thomas Prior and Frances Alma Tunks

Edith Helen Tunks and Roy Osborne Scott

Edith Helen Tunks is the second and youngest child of Hannah Evison and George Tunks.

She was born on 17 Aug 1913 and, in 1935, she married Roy Osborne Scott, the son of Lloyd Osborne Scott and Emma Mildred Forsyth.  Roy was born on 5 Jul 1914 in Delaware, Middlesex County (Ontario).

Lloyd, Roy, Emma and Vera Scott

Edith and Roy had three children:

  • Hannah Marie who married William John Waring
  • Helen Joan  who married Donald James Johnson
  • Charles LeRoy who married Joyce Marie Walker

Roy died on 30 May 1940 as a result of falling from a tree while picking pears and Edith died 55 years later, on 23 Nov 1995.  They are buried together in Oakland Cemetery in Delaware (Ontario).

Headstone - Roy Osborne Scott and Edith Helen Tunks

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