The Descendants of Alfred Perry Evison and Fanny Craner

The children of Alfred Perry Evison and Fanny Craner are my first cousins, twice removed.  Or to put it another way, they are my grandmother’s first cousins.

As of the date of this blog, not many records dated after 1920 have been released by the Canadian government.  Therefore, I know a bit about the children of Alfred and Fanny, but not much about their grandchildren — but what I’ve discovered, I’ve included here.

Edith Evison and Clarence Royal Maier

scratch-head03-idea-animated-animation-smiley-emoticon-000416-largeAccording to the birth registration for Edith Evison, she was born on 5 Mar 1902 — in Middlesex County (Ontario).

But her marriage certificate says that she was born in Bothwell — which is in Kent County (Ontario).

She was living with her family in 1911 and in 1921.  On 22 Sep 1922 in London, Middlesex County (Ontario), Edith married Clarence Royal Maier, the son of Christian Maier and Christena Trouse.

At the time of their marriage, Edith was living at 3 Seale Terrace in London — the same address as her uncle, William St. Thomas Evison, and her first cousin, Dorothea.

Birth - Edith Evison Marriage - Clarence Maier and Edith Evison

There is a bit of a discrepancy for Clarence too because the surname on his birth registration is “Maiers”, not “Maier”.  The family name on the 1901 Census is also “Maiers”.

Before he married Edith, Clarence joined the Canadian Armed Forces.  He enlisted in the army in London (Ontario) on 29 May 1918.  At the time of his enlistment, he was described as 5’3″ tall with a ruddy complexion, blue eyes, fair hair and 20/20 vision and normal hearing.

Birth - Clarence MaiersAttestation Papers - Clarence Royal MaierClarence and Edith had a least one son, Charles A Maier, who was born in 1928 and died in 1948.

Edith was only 37 years old when she died in 1939.  According to an on-line family tree, Clarence died on 12 Feb 1972.  Clarence, Edith and Charles are buried together in Oakland Cemetery in Delaware (Ontario).

Headstone - Clarence and Edith Maier

One last “discrepancy” for this family 🙂  The headstone says that Edith was born in 1903 but her birth was registered in 1902!!??


Shortly after Edith died, Clarence married Gladys Edith McLeod, the daughter of Richard McLeod and Mary Hogan.  Clarence and Gladys had at least one child — a daughter named Patricia.

Gladys died on the 26 Jun 1969 and is buried in Mount Pleasant Cemetery in London, Ontario (Canada).

Headstone - Gladys Maier

Mina (or Minna) Evison

Alfred and Fanny’s second oldest child, Mina, was born in Lambton County (Ontario) on 27 Sept 1903.

Birth - Mina Evison

That about all that I know about Mina!  She was living with her family in 1911 and in 1921.  And she was a witness to her sister Edith’s wedding in September of 1922.  But after that, I don’t know what happened to her.

Irene Evison and Norman Charles Allen

Questioning emoticonThis is another example of “discrepancies” in the vital statistics of this family!

Irene Evison was born on 27 Jun 1905.  Her birth was registered in Caradoc Township, Middlesex County (Ontario).  But the person who registered her birth lived in Euphemia Township, Lambton County (Ontario).  Edith’s marriage certificate also says that she was born in Euphemia Township??

Irene was living with her parents and siblings in Euphemia Township in 1911 — but is not listed with her family in the 1921 Census.  I’ll have to wait until the 1921 Canadian Census is indexed to search and find Irene.

On 4 Jul 1925, 20 year old Irene married 23 year old Norman Charles Allen in London, Middlesex County (Ontario).  Norman earned his living as a farmer and Irene as a hosiery worker.  Their intended place of residence after they married was in London (Ontario).

Birth - Irene Evison  Marriage - Norman Allen and Irene Evison

Irene died on 3 Nov 1938 in Galt (Ontario).  Her cause of death was toxemia, nephritis and an abscessed tooth.  She was buried on 5 Nov 1938 in Alvinston Cemetery in Lambton County (Ontario).

Death - Irene Evison Allen

Another discrepancy!!  Her day of birth on her death certificate is September 23rd??

As of the date of this blog, I don’t know where or when Norman died, nor where he is buried — or if Irene and Norman had any children.

Ezra Perry Evison and Mary Evison

Birth - Ezra Perry EvisonEzra was born in Euphemia Township, Lambton County (Ontario), on 9 Jan 1912.

He was living with his family in Euphemia Township in 1921 — but that’s all that I could find out about Ezra, until I discovered a Voter’s List from 1963.

On the Voter’s List, Ezra is living at R. R. #1, Dorchester (Ontario) and is married to Mary Evison (maiden name unknown).

Voter's List - Ezra and Mary Evison

According to the Ontario Cemetery Finding Aid, Ezra is buried in Forest Lawn Memorial Gardens in London, Middlesex County (Ontario).  But as of the date of this blog, a photograph of Ezra’s headstone has not been posted on the internet.

Everett “Langford” Evison and Edith Eda Huff

Everett “Langford” Evison, the youngest child of Alfred and Fanny Craner Evison, was born on 11 Oct 1913 in Euphemia Township, Lambton County (Ontario).

Birth - Everett Langford Evison

In 1921, seven-year-old Langford was living with his family in Euphemia Township.

According to on-line family trees on, he married Edith Eda Huff in 1949.  Edith was born on 2 Jun 1929 in Kiermuir, Alberta, and she is the daughter of Louis Huff and Maria Kesterke.

In 1972, Langford and Edith and their children: Everitt, Harvey and Karen, were living in Dewberry, Alberta.

Voters List - Langford Evison and Family

Langford died on 7 Jun 1975 and Edith (Eda) on 6 Nov 2008.  They are buried in the Dewberry Cemetery, Dewberry, Alberta (Canada).

Headstone - Everett and Edith Evison

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3 Responses to The Descendants of Alfred Perry Evison and Fanny Craner

  1. Shantelle says:

    Hello! Ezra and Mary are my grandparents and I would love to chat. This is such a well detailed blog and I love it! I would be happy to answer any questions. There are also some pretty amazing genetic health issues surrounding his “branch” of the tree.

  2. Shantelle says:

    And Aunt Edith was a lovely lady

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