The Finch-Monteith Connection

For the past few weeks, I’ve been blogging about the children of Cintha (Cynthia) Evison and William Frederick Finch.   To re-cap, here are links to the blogs about their four oldest children:

Their youngest child, Gertrude May Finch, was born in Westminster Township, Middlesex County, Ontario (Canada) on 4 Sep 1890.  Gertrude was more commonly known as “Gertie”.

The year after Gertie’s birth was a census year and, on the 25th day of April in 1891, the census taker recorded the family living together in Westminster Township — in a 1.5 story wooden house with 8 rooms.  William earned his living as a labourer and the family followed the Methodist religion.

1891 Census - William and Cynthia Finch and Family

Sadly, this census document will be the last record of the family living all together because, on 17 Feb 1897, Cynthia died.  As of the date of this blog, I do not know why Cynthia died.

The next census year after Cynthia’s death is the 1901 Census. And in that year, the children are all living in different households — and apart from their father, William.

Gertrude was only 7 years old when her mother died.  In 1901, she is living with Melvin Adams and his one-year-old son, George.  The interesting thing is that Gertrude is listed as Melvin’s daughter!?

1901 Census - Gertrude Finch

Wanting to find out why that may be, I did some research on the life of Melvin Adams.  I discovered that he married Mary Hopkins on 28 Dec 1887 and they had a son, George Albert, on 15 Mar 1900.  Tragically, Mary died of convulsions two days after George was born — on 17 Mar 1900.

But, I didn’t find any clues as to why Gertrude Finch is listed as Melvin’s daughter in the 1901 Census.  Could it be that Melvin and Mary adopted Gertrude when her mother died in 1897?  If so, then Gertrude lost two mothers within 3 years 😦

On 14 Sep 1920, 20-year-old Gertrude Finch married 21-year-old Bert Monteith in Lambeth, Middlesex County, Ontario (Canada).  Per on-line family trees on Ancestry, Bert is the son of George Monteith and Letitia Allen and he was born on 23 Oct 1889.

In 1911, Bert and Gertie are living in Delaware (Middlesex County).  Bert earned his living as a farmer.

Birth - Gertrude May Finch  Marriage - Bert Monteith and Gertrude May Finch  1911 Census - Bert and Gertrude Monteith

According to family trees on Ancestry, Bert died on 18 Jan 1949 in Petrolia, Lambton County, Ontario (Canada) and Gertrude on 17 Apr 1965.  Both are buried in Hillsdale Cemetery in Petrolia.

I will know more about the Monteith family when the 1921 Census is released (*** see below for update) by the Canadian government but, for now, this is what I’ve discovered about the children of Bert and Gertie Monteith:

Leta (Leatta) Viola Monteith

Birth - Leta Viola MonteithLeta (aka Leatta) was born on 17 Apr 1912 in Westminster Township (Lot 14, Gore Road).

According to family trees on Ancestry, she married Alfred Clayton Hall and had 3 children: a daughter and two sons.  Leatta and Alfred’s daughter was born on 30 Aug 1941.

Leatta died on 4 Jan 1961.  I don’t know when Alfred died but they are both buried in the Strathroy Municipal Cemetery (Section L) in Strathroy, Ontario.

Melvin Bertram Monteith

Birth and Death - Melvin MonteithMelvin Bertram Monteith was born on 24 Jun 1914 in Delaware Township, Middlesex County, Ontario (Canada).

Tragically, he died of cholera morbus and heart failure on 4 Jul 1914.

Cholera is an infectious and often fatal bacterial disease of the small intestine, typically contracted from infected water supplies and causing severe vomiting and diarrhea.

One thing that I noticed is that Melvin’s mother’s name is listed as “Gerty Adams”, which makes me think that Gertrude Finch was adopted by Melvin and Mary Adams after Gertrude’s mother died.

Charles Clarence Monteith

According to his death certificate, Charles Clarence Monteith was born on 27 Jun 1915.  He died in England on active duty as a member of the Canadian Armed Forces during WWII.

His date of death is 14 Apr 1945 and his cause of death is a brain haemorrhage.  Charles is buried in the Brookwood Military Cemetery in Surrey (UK).

Birth and Death - Charles Monteith  Book of Remebrance - Charles Clarence Monteith  Headstone - Charles Clarence Monteith

Charles’s memorial page on the Canadian Virtual War Memorial website says that he is the husband of Edythe Helen Monteith.   I discovered in my research that she died recently — on 6 Jul 2013 in Sarnia, Ontario (Canada).

Obituary - Edythe Ferguson Monteith

Edythe re-married after Charles’ death — to Morley Campbell Monteith.   All I could find about Morley Monteith is a photograph of his gravemarker.  He is buried in the Resurrection & Crematorium/Grandview Memorial Cemetery, Sarnia, Ontario.  I’ll have to wait until the Canadian government releases the 1921 Census to determine if Morley and Charles were brothers. (*** see below for update)

Headstone - Morley and Edythe Monteith

Lorne Nelson Monteith

All I know about Lorne Nelson Monteith is what has been recorded on a family tree on Ancestry.  It says that Lorne was born on 1 Mar 1923 and died on 12 May 1946 — and that he married Louise Genevive Hunter.

I did find a record in the Ontario Cemetery Finding Aid for Lorne and Louise.  They are buried (or will be buried) in the Hillsdale Cemetery in Petrolia, Ontario (Canada), but I could not find a photograph of their gravemarker.

Burial - Lorne and Louise Monteith

*** Update on 5 Nov 2013

I found the 1921 Census for Bert and Gertie Monteith and family.  They are living in Delaware Township, Middlesex County (Ontario).  Three of their children are listed: Leta, Charles and Morley.  So Charles and Morley are brothers — which means that Edythe Ferguson married brothers 🙂

1921 Census - Bert and Gertie Monteith and Family

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