The Finch-Hunter Connection

Birth - Emma Louisa Finch

Birth – Emma Louisa Finch

Emma Louisa Finch was born on 18 Sep 1887 in Westminster Township, Middlesex County, Ontario (Canada).

She is the second youngest child of William Frederick Finch and Cintha (Cynthia) Iona Evison.

Emma had four siblings: William Frederick Jr., Sarah Ellen “Nellie”, Joseph Wesley and Gertrude May Finch.

In 1891, the Finch family were all living together in Westminster Township (Middlesex County).

Then tragedy struck!!  Emma’s mother, Cynthia, died on 17 Feb 1897.  Emma was just 10 years old.

After her mother’s death, Emma and her siblings were sent to live with other families in the area.  In the 1901 Census, Emma was living with the Brodie family in Caradoc Township, Middlesex County, Ontario, Canada.  She was working as a domestic servant.

1901 Census - Emma Finch

1901 Census – Emma Finch

Emma married William Hunter in Cleveland, Cayuga County, Ohio (USA) on 4 Sep 1907.

Questioning emoticonI don’t know why Emma and William married in Ohio nor what their connection may be to Ohio.

Also, because William Hunter is such a common name, I don’t know who William’s parents are but, according to the 1911 census, he was born in Canada in October of 1875 — which means he was 31 years old when he married 19-year-old Emma!

Their first child, William Alexander Hunter, was born in Westminster Township on 23 Jun 1908.  At the time that William Jr. was born,  William Sr. and Emma were living in Scottsville, Ontario (Canada).

The following year their second son was born — on 19 Oct 1909.  William and Emma named him Robert Stanley Hunter — but he was known as Stanley.  At the time of Stanley’s birth, his father was working for the railroad and the family’s address was 24 Chester Street, Westminster Township.  Today, Chester Street is in south London (Ontario, Canada).

Birth - William Alexander Hunter

Birth – William Alexander Hunter

Birth - Robert Stanley Hunter

Birth – Robert Stanley Hunter

1911 Census - William and Emma Hunter and Family

By 1911, the Hunter family moved a few blocks north and west of Chester Street to 31 Emery Street, London (Ontario).  It’s difficult to read the entry in the census, but I think that it says that William Sr. is (still) working for the railway.

Birth - Marguerite May Hunter

Birth – Marguerite May Hunter

On 24 Sep 1912, William and Emma’s daughter, Marguerite May, was born in London (Ontario).

  • I have been in touch with a descendant of Marguerite who told me that there were two more children born to William and Emma:  Kenneth Hunter (birthdate unknown) and an infant stillborn in 1920.

That’s all I know about William and Emma Hunter — until the Canadian government releases the 1921 census. *** See below for update!

I also do not know when and where William and Emma died or where they are buried.

But I do have some information about the descendants of Robert “Stanley” Hunter!  Stanley married Ethel Wyatt and had three children:

  • Robert Hunter who married Marion.
  • Helen Hunter who married Clarence Wilfred “Yogi” Lorette.  Clarence died in London (Ontario) on 13 May 2001 and is buried in St. Peter’s Cemetery in London (Ontario).

Obituary - Clarence Wilfred Lorette

  • William James Hunter who was born in about 1945 and died in London (Ontario) on 25 Jul 2011.  Bill is interred in Mount Pleasant Cemetery in London.

Obituary - William Hunter

*** Update on 8 Nov 2013

The 1921 Canadian Census has now been released and indexed.  I found William and Emma Hunter and their children living at Concession 3, Lot 24, of Westminster Township, Middlesex County (Ontario).

1921 Census - William and Emma Hunter and Family

8-year-old Marguerite is listed with the family, but her name was recorded as “Margaret” by the census taker.  And the youngest son, Kenneth, is there.  He is 3 years old in 1921, so he was born in about 1918.  But William Alexander, the oldest son, is not shown living with the family?

Death - William Alexander HunterSadly, I found a death certificate for him on Ancestry 😦

William Alexander Hunter died in Lambeth (Ontario) on 17 Aug 1919 of spinal meningitis and is buried in Scottsville Cemetery in Scottsville, Ontario.

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  2. Chris Lorette says:

    Robert Stanley Hunter was my Grandfather and Clarence Wilfred Lorette was my father

  3. Chris Lorette says:

    Nice to meet you too, is there anything further that you would like to know about the rest of the Hunter family that you might not know already?? Who are you by the way?? You can e mail me directly so things arent public knowledge on here if you like?

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