William Frederick Finch Jr.

As with most of the branches of this part of my family tree, there are many “mysteries” and unknowns.   William Frederick Finch is no exception!

This is what I’ve learned about him so far —–

Birth - William Frederick Finch Jr.William Frederick Finch Jr. was born on 27 Dec 1882 in Delaware, Middlesex County, Ontario (Canada).

He is the oldest child of William Frederick Finch Sr. and cintha (Cynthia) Iona Evison.

William had four younger siblings: Sarah Ellen “Nellie”, Joseph Wesley, Emma Louisa, and Gertrude May.

In the census year following his birth (i.e. 1891),  William Jr. was living with his family in Westminster Township (Middlesex County).

The only William Finch that I could find in the 1901 Census is a William Finch who is boarding with and working for the Mill family in Westminster Township.

1901 Census - William Finch Jr.But this William’s date of birth is recorded as 27 Nov 1883?

However, frequently it was not the person him or herself who gave the info to the census taker, but the person who answered the door, or a neighbour,  or whomever the census taker could find that said that they knew the family.  So this may or may not be the correct William Finch!

By 1906, William moved to Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada) and is living with his brother, Joseph, and his sister, Nellie, and her family.  In 1911, William is still in Winnipeg, but in a boarding house and working in a lumber company.

1906 Manitoba Census - William Frederick Finch   1911 Census - William Frederick Finch

Attestation Papers - William Frederick Finch Page OneAttestation Papers - William Frederick Finch Page TwoWilliam enlisted in the Canadian Army in Winnipeg on 7 Jun 1915.  He was assigned to the Manitoba Regiment.

When he enlisted, he was an active member of the 90th Regiment Winnipeg Rifles.

William was 5 foot 6 inches tall with a dark complexion, hazel eyes and black hair.

Until the 1921 Census is released by the Canadian government (which hopefully will be soon), I do not know for certain what happened to William after he joined the army.

detective smileyI did find a family tree on Ancestry for someone who is probably a descendant of William Frederick Finch, but some information doesn’t “add up”.  So I hesitate to publish it in this blog without further research.  Therefore, I’ll wait for the 1921 Canadian Census to see what it says and I’ll update this blog then.

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