The Daughters of William and Ellen Evison, Part Three

William and Ellen Evison had four daughters.  So far I’ve blogged about:

This blog is about their oldest child, Cintha (aka Cynthia) Iona Evison and her husband, William Frederick Finch.

Cintha (Cynthia) Iona Evison and William Frederick Finch

scratch-head03-idea-animated-animation-smiley-emoticon-000416-largeThis branch of my family tree has more twists and turns than an amusement park roller coaster ride!!

I hope that I will be able to explain the complexities of this part of my family tree so that you don’t get too confused LOL!  Here goes —-

Cintha Iona Evison is my great aunt, sister to my great grandfather, William St. Thomas Evison.  Normally her husband would be my great uncle by marriage.

However, Cintha’s husband, William Frederick Finch, is my great grandmother’s brother!   So he is my great uncle outright, not just by marriage.

To put it another way — my great aunt Evison married my great uncle Finch!

Evison Finch Connection

Now that I’ve clarified that — not?

question markThe next thing that makes things a bit confusing is that Cintha was also known as Cynthia and I couldn’t find her birth certificate. So I don’t know which name she was registered as, nor what her exact date of birth is.  But I can come close by using the following “evidence”:

In the 1871 Census, her name is Cintha and she is 10 years old (born in the United States).  That makes her year of birth about 1861.

1871 Census - Cintha EvisonIn the 1881 Census, she is listed as Cintha Iona and she is 19 years old.  That puts her year of birth about 1862.

1881 Census - Cintha Iona Evison

In the 1891 Census (after she married William Finch), she “changed” her name to Cynthia and her age is recorded as 29 (year of birth = about 1862).

1891 Census - Cynthia Finch

Her tombstone has the name, Cynthia, engraved on it.  It says that she was 35 years, 8 months and 19 days old when she died on 17 Feb 1897.  If I did the arithmetic correctly, that means that she was born on about 29 May 1861.

But where was Cintha (aka Cynthia) born?  Well, from the various censuses, we know that she was born in the United States.  Her middle name is Iona which is close in spelling to where her younger brother, William, was born — Ionia, Ionia County, Michigan (USA).  Coincidence??

1880 Map - Westminster Township, Middlesex County, OntarioSometime after the end of 1863 (when her brother, William, was born) and before the middle of 1866 (when her sister, Lucy Ann, was born), Cintha moved with her family from Michigan to Westminster Township, Middlesex County, Ontario (Canada), where likely she lived for the remainder of her life.

There are several small towns in Westminster Township and I don’t know exactly where she lived, but it was probably Lambeth.

Cynthia (aka Cintha) is buried in Scottsville Cemetery in Scottsville, Westminster Township, Middlesex County, Ontario (Canada) — which is very close by to Lambeth.

Headstone - Cynthia Finch

As noted, Cintha married William Frederick Finch,  He is my great uncle, son of Joseph Finch and Mary Ann Fillmore — and younger brother of my great grandmother, Fannie Finch Evison.

I don’t know exactly when Cintha and William married — but I can narrow it down using the documents that I found.

Questioning emoticonCintha was single and living with her parents on 4 Apr 1881 when the 1881 Canadian Census was taken.  Cintha and William’s first child was born on 27 Dec 1882.

So I can assume that Cintha and William married sometime between 4 Apr 1881 and 27 Dec 1882.  But I suppose one could narrow it down a bit more — nine months before their first child was born is March of 1882.   😉

There is a lot of “mystery” surrounding William!  His death certificate says that he was born on 11 Sep 1862, but he’s listed in the 1861 UK Census, living with his parents in Wimbledon, Surrey County (UK).

The 1861 UK Census was taken the night of 7 Apr 1861 and William is recorded as being one year old.  Frequently the census taker would record the age of a person on their next birthday.  So William was likely born in 1860. Therefore, I think that his correct date of birth is 11 Sep 1860 and that he was born in Wimbledon, Surrey County (UK).

1861 Census - William F. Finch

William’s mother died in 1863 when he was just a toddler.  In 1871,  he is living with his widowed father and sister on Gladstone Road in Wimbledon.

1871 Census - William F. Finch

However, I could not find William in the 1881 census, either in the UK or in Canada.  And I could not find any documentation to confirm when or where William emigrated to Canada.  But he must have arrived sometime before March of 1882 — nine months before his first child was born in Ontario (Canada).

1891 Census - William and Cynthia Finch and FamilyBy 1891, he is living with Cynthia and his children in Westminster Township, Middlesex County, Ontario (Canada).

His occupation is listed as “labourer”.

As mentioned above, Cynthia died on 7 Feb 1897.  In 1901, the widowed William is living with the Piper family in Westminster Township.  He listed his birthdate as 11 Sep 1861 — but again, I think that his correct year of birth is 1860.

1901 Census - F. William Finch

William re-married on Christmas Eve, 1907 — to the spinster, Isabella McNeil, daughter of Alexander McNeil and Catherine Mitchell.  She was 41 years old when she married William so I doubt that they had any children together.

Marriage - William Finch and Isabella McNeil   Tempo Presbyterian Church

They married in Tempo (Westminster Township).  Most of the village of Tempo was demolished in the 1950s to make way for the construction of Highway 401.  The Presbyterian Church, where William and Isabella were likely married, escaped demolition and is still standing as of the date of this blog.

Another mystery!!  I could not find William in the 1911 Canadian Census.  And the only record that I could find that might be Isabella is a Bella Finch working as a domestic for the Davis family in Westminster Township.

Update on 12 Dec 2013

The 1921 Canadian Census has now been uploaded and indexed.  I found a Bella Finch — who appears to be the same Bella Finch as in the 1911 Census — working as a housekeeper for Nell Davis and her brother, Dan, in Dorchester Township, Elgin County (Ontario).

1921 Census - Bella Finch

According to a family tree on Ancestry, Isabella McNeil Finch died in 1931 in Lambeth (Westminster Township) and is buried in the Kilmartin Cemetery in Yarmouth Township, Elgin County, Ontario (Canada).

Death - William Frederick Finch Sr.William died in the Ontario Hospital in London, Middlesex County, Ontario (Canada) on 10 Jan 1935 at the age of 72.  He was living in Lambeth at the time of his death.

His cause of death: a cerebral haemorrhage with a contributory cause of senility.

William was buried in Scottsville Cemetery on 12 Jan 1935 — but I could not find a tombstone.

William Frederick Finch and Cintha (Cynthia) Iona Evison had five children — two boys and three girls, all born in Ontario (Canada).

  • William Frederick Finch Jr. (b: 27 Dec 1882)
  • Sarah Ellen “Nellie” Finch (b: about 1884)
  • Joseph Wesley Finch (b: 5 Sep 1885)
  • Emma Louisa Finch (b: 18 Sep 1887)
  • Gertrude May Finch (b: 4 Sep 1890)

I’ll be writing individual blogs about the children and their descendants soon!

The Final Mystery

I received these two photographs from a descendant of William Frederick and Cintha Evison Finch.  On the back of the photo on the left, it says “Daddy Finch”.  The one on the right may be some of the Finch family.

I’m posting these hoping that someone will recognize the people in the photographs.  If you do, please add a comment below.  Thanks!

Daddy FinchThe Finch Family

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  9. juanrbalboa says:

    I was looking for a Cynthia Evison born in the Detroit area in 1954 and found your blog. I’m reading a book about Fr. Solanus Casey and found an entry that Cynthia was born with “a wildly erratic heart” and was not expected to live through the night but, with Fr. Solanus’ intercession she was healed. Do you know if this is the same Cynthia as the one in your family tree?

  10. Yes–the Cynthia Evison (number 99) is the same Cynthia Evison that is mentioned in the book. She is the daughter of William George and Rita Marie Wicha Evison. This is confirmed because it says in the book, “In a testimony given in early 1979, Mrs. Rita M Evison of Gaylord, Michigan, shared her memories about the generosity and prayerfulness of Father Solanus, a man she had never met.” I have evidence that William George and Rita Marie Wicha Evison lived in Gaylord, Michigan, at one time.

    I was hesitant to say this is my previous post because I was open to the possibility that you had evidence that my research was incorrect! But I don’t think that I’m wrong.

    If you are interested in the descendants of Cynthia Evison, please refer to this pdf (scroll down to page 4):

    As noted in my post above, Cynthia is my 2nd cousin, 1X removed.

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