The Daughters of William and Ellen Evison, Part Two

Part One of this blog was about William and Ellen’s daughter, Mary Ellen, and her husband, Charles Franklin Link.

Part Two is about William and Ellen’s youngest daughter, Susan Matilda Evison.  Susan is my great aunt, sister to my great grandfather, William St. Thomas Evison.

Susan Matilda Evison and John Lewis Post

Statement of Birth - Susan Matilda EvisonSusan was born in Kilworth, Delaware Township, Middlesex County, Ontario (Canada) on 23 Nov 1881.  Or at least that’s the information that Susan provided on the “Statement of Birth” that she filled out in April of 1954.

I have no reason to doubt the date except that she also put that her mother’s name is “Dorothy Ellen Wickham”, instead of Ellen Sarah Wickham!

Because of that, I spent a couple of years on a wild-goose chase trying to track down Ellen’s ancestors LOL!

She also put that there are 10 children born to William and Ellen before Susan.  Hmmm– that means that I’m “missing” one child!

Marriage - John Post and Susan EvisonSusan, or Susie as she was often called, lived with her parents and siblings until she married John Lewis Post on 27 Aug 1902 in London (Ontario).

John is the son of George Post and Julia Ann Benn and he was born 21 Jan 1877 in Ontario (Canada).

Shortly after they were married, John and Susan’s life took a tragic turn 😦

Their first child, a daughter named Sarah Ellen after her grandmother, was born on 9 May 1903 in London, Middlesex County, Ontario (Canada).  Sadly, Sarah Ellen died of cholera morbus on 24 Sep 1904 in Westminster Township, Middlesex County (Ontario).

Death - Sarah Ellen PostBirth - Sarah Ellen Margaret Post

Their second child, Roy Clifford Post, was born on 4 Aug 1906 in Westminster Township, Middlesex County, Ontario (Canada).   He had just turned two years old when he also tragically died of cholera.  He died on 6 Aug 1908 in London, Middlesex County, Ontario (Canada).

Birth - Roy Clifford Post   Death - Roy Clifford Post


Cholera is a severe infection characterized by stomach-ache, cramps, vomiting and diarrhea.  It is caused by drinking water or eating food that has been tainted by human waste and contaminated by the bacterium,  vibrio cholerae.  Cholera is curable but life threatening

By 1911, Susie and her family (including her parents, William and Ellen), moved to Chatham Township in Kent County, Ontario (Canada).

1911 Canadian Census - The Posts and the Evisons

John enlisted in the Canadian Army in Chatham (Ontario) on 2 Oct 1915.  He was 38 years old!  He listed his wife, Susan, as his next-of-kin with an address of 179 Briscoe Street in London (Ontario).  That’s the same address as Susan’s twin brothers, Alden and Oliver!  Did Susan move in with them while John was overseas??  I don’t know for certain whether or not John served overseas because I couldn’t find John listed on any passenger lists.

John and Susie moved to the USA sometime after John joined the Canadian Army and before September of 1918, when he joined the American Army.  He enlisted in Caro, Tuscola County, Michigan (USA) on 12 Sep 1918.

Attestation Papers - John Post Page Two   Attestation Papers - John Post Page One   WWI Registration Card - John Lewis Post

In the 1920 U.S. Census, John and Susie are living in Caro Village, Indianfields Township, Tuscola County, Michigan (USA).

Border Crossing - Susan PostMap - Indianfields Township, MichiganInterestingly, it appears that Susan returned to Canada alone on 9 Sep 1923!

She crossed the US/Canada border at Sarnia (Ontario) and she said that she went to the U.S. with her husband for work, and is returning to Canada to reside.

Update on 20 Aug 2014:

Border Crossing - John PostI’ve discovered that Susie was not alone when she crossed the border on 9 Sep 1923!!

I recently found the Border Crossing document for John who crossed the border at the same time as Susie.

They indicated that their final destination was John’s brother’s place in Croton, Ontario (Canada).

However, John and Susie returned to the U.S. sometime between September of 1923 and April of 1930 — because, in the 1930 and 1940 US censuses, they are back living in Indianfields Township, Tuscola County, Michigan (USA).

You can find out a lot about people and their lives by looking at the answers to questions included in the census.  For example, from the 1920 Census

  • John and Susie were living at 120 West Gamble Street in Caro Village, Indianfields Township (Michigan) and they owned their home.
  • They could both read and write and John was a labourer in a factory.

1920 Census - John and Susie Post

From the 1930 Census:

  • The house that John and Susie was living in was valued at $1,200
  • John is employed as a “street labourer”
  • John and Susie were not naturalized — i.e. not citizens of the USA

1930 Census - John and Susan Post

From the 1940 Census:

  • John and Susie were living on a farm.
  • The highest grade of school that John completed was Grade 4 and for Susie, Grade 3,
  • John is a labourer in a cemetery.

1940 Census - John and Susan Post

I don’t know when/where John and Susie died or are buried.

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