The Sons of William and Ellen Evison

William and Ellen Wickham Evison had 7 sons — 6 of whom are in the photograph below:

The Sons of William Evison

William St Thomas EvisonI’ve already written extensively about their oldest son, William St. Thomas Evison, who is my great grandfather.

The following is a short introduction to William’s brothers — my great uncles.

Soon I’ll be writing a detailed blog for each brother, including copies of documents.

Alfred EvisonAlfred Perry Evison

Alfred was born on 10 Jan, likely in 1969, in Caradoc Township (Middlesex County, Ontario).  He was probably named after his grandfather, Alfred S Wickham, and his uncle, Perry Wickham.

Alfred lived with his parents until he was at least 22 — and likely until he married Fanny Craner on Christmas Day in 1900.  For most of his life, Alfred earned his living as a farmer and he and Fanny had 5 children: Edith, Mina, Irene, Ezra Perry and Everett Langford.

Fanny died in 1919 and Alfred re-married to the widow, Lilly Eliza Clarke Abel, on 22 Jan 1922 in Paris (Ontario).

Alfred died of a coronary thrombosis on 27 Jul 1936 in Bothwell (Ontario) and is buried in St. Matthew’s Roman Catholic Cemetery, in Alvinston (Ontario).  His death certificate said that he was a labourer in a bedding factory for the 12 years before his death.

Francis EvisonFrancis (Frank) Hermon Evison

Francis was probably named for his uncle, Francis Evison (brother of William Evison).  Francis was known as “Frank” and he was born on 11 Jan 1871.

Frank lived with his family until he married Charlotte Hill on 10 May 1893 in Delaware (Ontario).  Charlotte was quite a lot older than Frank, about 12 years difference!!  Over the years, Frank and Charlotte lived in Delaware, Caradoc and Lobo Townships (Ontario) and had 4 children: Hannah Frances, Norman Edward, Richard Herman and Charlotte Ellen “Nellie”.

Charlotte died in 1939 and Frank in 1944.  They are buried in Oakland Cemetery in Delaware (Ontario).

George EvisonGeorge Henry Evison

George was born on 9 Mar 1874 in Lambeth (Ontario).  On 10 Jul 1907 in London (Ontario) when he was 33 years old, George married Lucretia Maria Thornton.  He listed his occupation as “baker”.

In October of 1907, George and Lucretia crossed the border at Port Huron, Michigan (USA) on their way to Austin, Minnesota.  In 1910, they were still living in Minnesota — but moved to Detroit sometime before 1916 when their son, William George Evison, was born.

George died in Detroit (Michigan) on 2 Jun 1948 and Lucretia on 31 Mar 1949 in Eliose (Michigan).

The Evison TwinsThe Twins – Alden and Oliver Evison

The Evison twins were born on 12 Jul 1877 in Westminster Township, Middlesex County, Ontario.

Alden married Minnie Bidnall on 8 Nov 1905 in Mount Brydges (Ontario).  In 1908, Oliver was living with Alden and Minnie at 179 Briscoe Street in London (Ontario).  They list their occupation as “baker”.

In 11 Jul 1912 in London, Alden married his sister-in-law!!  He married Susan Elizabeth Bidnall, younger sister of Minnie Bidnall.  The 1911 Census is the last census that the Canadian government has released so far.  So I don’t know whether Alden and Oliver had children or not.

Oliver died on 26 Jun 1921 and Alden about a year later, on 8 Apr 1922.  Alden died of aortic regurgitation.  I’m still researching this but it looks like the twin’s widowed wives, remarried at some point.  Minnie died in 1972 and Susan in 1974.  They are all buried in Woodland Cemetery in London (Ontario).

Charles William Evison

Charles is a bit of a mystery!   He’s not in the photograph above.  He’s listed with the family in the 1891 Census — but not in the 1901 Census.  Where was he?  I don’t know, I can’t find him anywhere!

I know that he was still alive because he married Annie Dell on 10 Dec 1906 in London (Ontario).  On the marriage certificate, his age is listed as 22 which means he was born in about 1884.  In January 1910, Charles and Annie moved to Detroit, Michigan — but they returned to Canada at the end of 1915.  I’m still doing the research but it looks like Annie and Charles had at least two children,  Margaret and Herbert.

Annie died on 3 May 1947 and is buried in Woodland Cemetery in London (Ontario).  But Charles name is not on her headstone and I couldn’t find any record of when and where he died.

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  2. Harvey Evison says:

    I am one of the sons of the Late Everett Langford Evison. and looking up my relatives of the Evison Family Tree. If any one has any more information please email me at My name is Harvey Evison.I thank you for all your help in this.

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