Joseph Ashley and Elizabeth Percival and their Descendants

Ethel Annie Evison Eichenberger

Ethel Annie Evison Eichenberger

Joseph Ashley and Elizabeth Percival are my 7th great grandparents and the 5th great grandparents of my maternal grandmother, Ethel Annie Evison Eichenberger.

It is unknown where or when Joseph Ashley was born, but it was likely around 1675.

And just exactly who begat Joseph is a subject of much debate!!

Joseph first appeared in the records when he married Elizabeth Percival in Falmouth, Barnstable County, Massachusetts on 25 August 1704.

Marriage - Joseph Ashley and Elizabeth Percival

Elizabeth was born on 10 Sep 1675 in Sandwich, Barnstable County, Massachusetts.

She is the daughter of James Percival and Mary Rainsford and the granddaughter of Edward Rainsford who owned a famous island in Boston Harbour called (what else?), Rainsford Island!!

Birth - Elizabeth Percival

The following is a chart of the children and grandchildren of Joseph Ashley and Elizabeth Percival.  Jethro, the second child of Joseph and Elizabeth, is my 6th great grandfather.

Descendants of Joseph Ashley and Elizabeth Percival

History of Mattaposett and Old Rochester, Massachusetts - CoverAll of Joseph and Elizabeth’s children were born in Rochester, Massachusetts (USA).

The most comprehensive list that I’ve found for histories of Rochester is on (click on link to go to the website).

On the site, there are links to the various publications, many of which are available on-line.  The Ashley family is mentioned in several of the publications.

After Elizabeth died, Joseph married the widow Mary (Hall) Whittredge  on 1 Jan 1728  in Rochester.  Note:  some on-line family trees and family histories record that Mary Hall Whittredge is the mother of Abraham and Joseph Jr. Ashley, but this has to be incorrect.   Abraham and Joseph Jr. were born before Joseph married Mary!!

Marriage - Joseph Ashley and Mary Whittredge

In everything that I’ve read about Joseph Ashley, I have yet to find anything written about what he did for a living!  For certain, he bought and sold a lot of land and it’s obvious that he and his family were very involved in the community.

Speaking of buying land, on 21 Apr 1719, Joseph purchased about a 2 1/2 square mile tract of land along Route 105 which goes through Rochester (Plymouth deeds 14/252).

Ashley Cemetery

Ashley Cemetery in Rochester, Massachusetts

The purchase included the land where the Old Ashley Cemetery is today.

Joseph died sometime after 21 Sep 1754 (the last time he is mentioned in available records).  I don’t know when Elizabeth died but it was before 1 Jan 1728.

They are likely buried in the Old Ashley Cemetery but there are no gravestones for them.  However, there are rows of plain fieldstone of the type that were used by early settlers as grave markers.

My next blog will be about Joseph and Elizabeth’s son, Jethro — my 6th great grandfather!

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