The Fillmore Branch of My Family Tree, Part Two

In my previous blog, The Fillmore Branch of My Family Tree, Part One, I wrote about my 4X great grandparents, Richard Fillmore and Fanny Constable.

This blog is about their oldest child,  George Fillmore — my great, great, great grandfather.

George Fillmore was christened in Merton, Surrey (England) on 3 Dec 1790.  As mentioned, he was the oldest child of Richard Fillmore and Fanny Constable and he had seven younger siblings: Fanny, Hannah, Richard, Harriet, William, James, and Sophia.

Marriage - George Fillmore and Mary Ann BeadleOn 20 Jun 1819 in St. Mary’s Church, Newington, Surrey (England), George married Mary Ann Beadle, daughter of John Beadle and Elizabeth Peace.

Mary Ann was born in 1794 and christened in Wimbledon, Surrey (England) on 3 Aug 1794.

Interestingly, both Mary Ann and George signed their Marriage Certificate which means they could read and write –unlike George’s parents who witnessed the marriage and signed with an “x”, indicating that they were illiterate.

George Fillmore and Mary Ann Beadle had eleven children, all of whom were christened in St. Mary’s Church. **

St Mary's Church, Wimbledon

St Mary’s Church, Wimbledon

  • William Fillmore – christened on 4 Jun 1820
  • Charles Fillmore – christened on 25 Aug 1822
  • Henry Fillmore – christened on 29 Feb 1824
  • Francis Stillman Fillmore — christened on 26 May 1825
  • John Fillmore – christened on 18 Mar 1827
  • Emma Fillmore – christened on 15 Mar 1829
  • Fanny Fillmore – christened on 13 Jun 1830
  • James Fillmore – christened on 22 Jul 1832
  • George Fillmore – christened on 16 Feb 1834
  • Mary Ann Fillmore – christened on 6 Nov 1836; Mary Ann is my great, great grandmother
  • Frederick Fillmore – christened on 1 Jul 1838

** Transcriptions for all the christenings can be found on

George and Mary Ann lived in and raised their children in Wimbledon.  According to the Wiki article for Wimbledon, “The first decades of the 19th century were relatively quiet for Wimbledon, with a stable rural population coexisting alongside nobility and wealthy merchants from the city….In the second half of the century, Wimbledon experienced a very rapid expansion of its population. From a small base of just under 2,700 residents recorded in the 1851 census, the population grew by a minimum of 60 per cent each decade up to 1901 increasing fifteenfold in fifty years“.

1841 Census - George and Mary Ann Fillmore and Family 1851 Census - George and Mary Fillmore and Family 1861 Census - George and Mary Ann Fillmore 1871 Census - George and Mary Ann Fillmore

George was employed as a calico printer.

Drawing - Calico PrinterCalico is a type of cloth, heavier than linen and made of cotton.  A calico printer drew a pattern on paper, as wide as the cloth.

The pattern was divided up into squares about 8 inches by 12 inches and cut into wooden blocks.  The cloth was laid on a table and the blocks covered with dye and placed on the calico to make the print.

The picture shows this process and completed calico hanging from the ceilings as it dries.  The calico printer had to be careful to ensure the pattern remained regular.

I think that George Fillmore died shortly after the 1871 UK Census.  At the time of the census (2 Apr 1871), George and Mary Ann are living in Wimbledon with their son, James, and his family.  I found a death index for a George Fillmore (age = 80) that was registered in Surrey (England) in the Jul-Aug-Sep 1871 quarter — which I assume is the correct George Fillmore, but I’m not 100% certain.

Mary Ann Beadle Fillmore died on 23 Mar 1875.

Death and Probate - Mary Ann Beadle Fillmore
Death and Probate – Mary Ann Beadle Fillmore

At the time of her death, Mary Ann was living in Malvern Link, Worchester (England), likely with family.   A facebook friend of mine who used to live in the area remembers a tobacco store in Malvern Link that was owned and operated by a Fillmore family.   They probably were descendants of George and Mary Ann’s son, Frederick.  He listed his occupation as “tobacconist” in the 1901 and 1911 censuses.

Headstone - Mary Ann FillmoreMary Ann Beadle Fillmore is buried in St. Matthias’ Church Cemetery in Malvern Link.

The inscription on her gravestone says:

In affectionate remembrance of Mary Ann, relict of George Fillmore of Wimbledon, Surrey.  Died at Malvern Link, March 23rd, 1876, 80 years old. To Die is Gain.

I think that the year of death on her gravestone is wrong though!  It should be 1875, not 1876.  Her probate was in 1875 and she would have been in her 80th year in 1875 (born in 1794).

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