The Fillmore Branch of My Family Tree, Part One

Ancestors - Ethel Annie Evison Eichenberger

In previous blogs, I’ve written about:

Since I’ve recently broken through a brick wall, I’m still researching my Ashley ancestors and they will be the focus of a future blog.  So this blog will be about the Fillmore branch of my family tree.

I can reliably trace my Fillmore ancestors back to my 4th great grandfather, Richard Fillmore.

I’m almost certain that Richard is the son of William Fillmore and Hannah Hersey and that he was baptised in Merton, Surrey (England) on 16 Apr 1769.  But I’m relying on other family trees on Ancestry and a transcription on to “prove” it.  I’ll update this blog if I find an original document for his baptism.

St. Leonard's Church, Streatham, 1790

St. Leonard’s Church, Streatham, 1790

Richard married Frances “Fanny” Constable,  by banns, on  9 Aug 1789 in St Leonard’s Church, Streatham (Surrey, England);

Frances is likely the daughter of William Constable and Jane Mason — but again I’m relying on other trees on Ancestry as “proof”.

Both Richard and Frances signed their Marriage Certificate with an “X” which means that they were illiterate.

Marriage Banns - Richard Fillmore and Frances Constable

Marriage Banns – Richard Fillmore and Frances Constable

Marriage - Richard Fillmore and Frances Constable

Marriage Certificate – Richard Fillmore and Frances Constable

Richard and Frances (also known as Fanny) had eight children who were all baptised in St. Mary’s Church in Merton, Surrey, England)

  • George Fillmore (b: abt Dec 1790) – my great, great, great grandfather
  • Fanny Fillmore (b: abt May 1794)
  • Hannah Fillmore (b: abt Feb 1797)
  • Richard Fillmore (b: abt Oct 1799)
  • Harriet Fillmore (b: abt May 1803)
  • William Fillmore (b: abt May 1806)
  • James Fillmore (b: abt Mar 1808)
  • Sophia Fillmore (b: abt Nov 1810)

Burial - Richard FillmoreFanny died in 1816 when she was 48 years old; she was buried in Merton on 23 Dec 1816.

Richard died almost 20 years later — in 1834, at age 65.  He too was buried in Merton, on 2 Mar 1834.

Burial - Fanny Constable Fillmore

I assume that they were buried in the graveyard of St. Mary’s Church in Merton although I couldn’t find any photos or transcriptions of the headstones in the graveyard.

Nelson's Pew in St Mary's ChurchAn interesting fact about the Fillmores is that they lived in Merton at the same time as Lord Horatio Nelson – a legendary Admiral in the British Navy, famous for his victories against the French during the Napoleonic Wars.

St. Mary’s was Lord Nelson’s parish church from September 1801 until his departure for Trafalgar in October 1805.  His pew in St. Mary’s Church is still there!

I can almost picture Horatio sitting there in his pew during the baptism of my ggggreat aunt, Harriet Fillmore 🙂

My next blog will be about Richard and Fanny’s oldest son, George Fillmore, who is my great, great, great grandfather.

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3 Responses to The Fillmore Branch of My Family Tree, Part One

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  2. Helen Wilcockson says:

    Richard Fillmore is also my 4th great grandfather.I grew up in Merton and went to school just down the road from St Mary’s church.

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