Ethel Annie Evison Eichenberger and her descendants

Wedding Party - Ethel Evison and Earl EichenbergerEthel Annie Evison married Jacob “Earl” Eichenberger on 29 May 1920 in London, Ontario (Canada).

Earl Eichenberger  was born in Delaware, Ontario (Canada) on 25 July 1896.  He is the son  of Jacob Eichenberger and Sophia Karl.

I don’t know when/where/how my grandparents met but they lived on the Eichenberger family farm in Delaware, Ontario (Canada)

Ethel, Helen, Evelyn, Ruth and Earl EichenbergerThe farm was called “Apple Grove” and it’s about a mile north of Delaware — near the northeast corner of Longwoods Rd. (Hwy 4) and Carriage Rd.  There were two houses on the property — the main house (a brick two story) and the “cottage” (a one story frame house).

Ethel and Earl have 4 children (Evelyn, Helen, Ruth and James) and 13 grandchildren.

Headstone - Ethel and Earl EichenbergerSadly, my grandfather died in 1946, before I was born.  He was only 50 years old.

Obituary - Ethel Annie Evison EichenbergerMy grandmother passed away in March of 1979, in her 81st year.

My grandparents are buried in Oakland Cemetery in Delaware, Ontario (Canada).

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