The Family of Ethel Annie Evison

Ancestors - Ethel Annie Evison Eichenberger Since my Grammie was there at the beginning of the search for my ancestors, I’m going to start by telling you what I’ve learned about her ancestors.

Ethel Annie Evison was born to William St. Thomas Evison and Fannie Sarah Finch on 5 Sep 1898, in Caradoc, Middlesex County, Ontario (Canada).

Ethel had an older sister, Dorothea Gertrude Evison (born on 30 Jan 1894).

William, Ethel, Dorothea and Fannie EvisonSometime in 1899, the Evison family moved from Ontario (Canada) to Austin, Mower County,  Minnesota (USA). In 1905, they were living at 506 West Maple Street and in 1910, 404 St Paul Street.  Ethel’s father was a janitor for churches, etc.

I don’t recall Gram talking about living in Minnesota so I don’t know why they moved there. And I have been unable to find out where they were living between the 1910 US Census and May 1920.

On 29 May 1920 in London, Ontario (Canada), Ethel Annie Evison married Jacob “Earl” Eichenberger, son of Jacob Eichenberger and Sophia Karl.  Earl was born in Delaware, Ontario (Canada) on 25 Jul 1898.

Birth Entry - Ethel Annie Evison  1905 Minnesota Census - The Evisons  1910 US Census - The Evisons Marriage Certificate- Earl Eichenberger and Ethel Evison

At this point my original plan was to work backwards and create a page for each of Ethel Annie’s ancestors.  But — a change of plans!  The next blog entry will be about Ethel Annie and her descendants.

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